Friday, December 7, 2012

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: I'm dreaming of...

A remodeled craft room.

What did you think I was going to say?

After seeing Michelle's post on Crafts For Misfits, it really began to bug me how completely uninspiring my own craft room is. I mean UGH... it's not conducive to crafty thoughts at all... it's haphazard, but most of all... it's bland, save for a few pieces of cherished wall candy. I need a space I can be proud of, and badly!

I found an article featuring an artist's space, and I fell in love with how it looked despite not being darkly themed in the least (article here). I began fantasizing about my dream space, and how I would so love to have a crafting shed; I thought about it for a couple years, and thanks to Pinterest (still learning how to use it) I was able to gather heaps of mind-candy.

I've wanted a craft shed that appeared run down; like a decrepit and rusted old house and I found an image that nearly matched my own mental image

Credit: unknown
Although instead of green shingles and a white pain job, it would be "old" distressed wood, greyish in color, and rusted metal shingles... and it would be as large as the one in the article.

But sadly, I don't foresee this little day dream becoming a reality any time soon. We don't even know where we'll end up, since my husband's work can literally take us anywhere in the country where there is a National Park office.

So, down a tier, I am hoping to remodel (if you can really call it that) my current craft room.
I found a nifty and free room planner by Icovia and with it I began my vagary:

Room Dimension
That large white block on the eastern wall is a window; you can also see where the outlets and switches are... yeah, it's about shed size-- it's a spare bedroom!

Current Layout
This screen shot was taken first and before I figured out how to use the display measurements and insert structural details, such as the door and window etc... heh.
In that odd nook, which used to be a large closet but I removed the doors off of, is my shelf of fabric. The ironing board literally sits in front of the door to the water heater, but I didn't think it prudent to add it in since the board is normally tucked away in the nook, or can be easily moved aside. It also sits in front of the entrance to the room... so that may be a little confusing. Then you have my totally wonky, but realistcally shaped table; its purpose serves only as a cutting table. On that little circular thing in the corner is where my serger resides; it is just a bar stool with a tool box liner so it won't shift. Next to that is a not so stable little side desk where my sewing machine sits. Finally you have my modest computer desk and bookshelf.

The odd thing, as I was saying in Michelle's post, is that my room not only looks small but it feels small too... and yet, as I look at my floor plan, I realize I have committed a small space sin! I do have space... I just haven't utilized its true potential.

Ideal set up: take one

It's late, and I didn't want to spend all night toying with all the possibilities (though it was tempting). Those things that look more like typewriters (that's what they really are icons for) I used as substitutes for my serger and sewing machines. The hutch in the NW corner would be really nice (for a tv and movies), but in all likelihood that is where the shelf beside it will be, my future dress form and a small shelf. As you can see, I've placed my computer in the nook, which will do nicely because I can really put to use the upper shelving in the closet for my plethora of books when they're shipped down.

So what do you dream/plan on remodeling?


  1. I've seen that craft shed in a magazine before and immediately wanted one of my own as well - probably never gonna happen here, either!

    I would love to have a computer or notebook in my attic craft room because when I have a semi-brilliant idea up there, by the time I get downstairs to the computer I've usually forgotten it. Plus it would be nice to Google instructions for things in the middle of doing them. ;o)

    1. That is exactly why I insisted on having my computer in my room; I forget very easily, and it comes in handy a lot! I can't rely on paper notes, otherwise my entire wall would be plastered with them heheh.

  2. Ah, I've only just seen this post!!

    My golden rule is to be as minimalist as possible - I know that's difficult, but I started with making a list of everything I *need* to have in my studio (need, not want!), and what type of storage I need to buy to fit it all in. I stuck with a palette of only a few colours (from my logo), so it had a unified look.

    It still isn't finished, but it's looking good so far! Because of the architecture of the house, the room is painted white, and the furniture is white with all furnishings in black and dark purple. I still have a large wooden bookcase that doesn't fit in with the look (and doesn't have as much storage as a large Ikea unit would have), so that's on the list to replace when funds allow ;)

    I guess my real tip is to create the space where you feel happiest, that makes your heart sing when you sit in there ;) Sounds corny, but that is definitely the way to creativity! Keeping the space neat and tidy is essential too, otherwise you will look around at all the mess and feel depressed. Everything needs to have a place ;)

    1. I love the uncommon architecture of your home; it makes your craft room really pop!
      Haha, I do have a problem with deciphering 'need' from 'want' for what needs to be in my craft room-- because I have so many things I do! Each tool is always used at some point. Makes organizing quite troublesome. See, I love when a room feels cluttered, but not messy... I'm not sure that I am making sense with that-- I think this is where my love of antique shops comes in (not just the merch!), hehe.

      I love reading about people's craft room remodels, it makes me feel so inspired!


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