Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tales of Trial and Terror: DIY Basic Beauty Products

There comes a point in your life when you look down at an expensive beauty product that has run out and wonder if you might still be able to rescue the leftovers before inevitably tossing it. Or, if a favorite product has been discontinued and the curiosity leads you to wonder if you could manage to make a good enough product to replace what you can no longer purchase.

I'm a DIY hard, I cannot purchase something without seeing through its face value. I often wonder what I might create with the supposed waste people expect it to have at the end of its "convenient usage". For me, the moments above came at the same time when I realized that I had been accumulating too many of those "what if"s in boxes and bags tucked underneath my bathroom sink; be it containers, lip sticks with leftover product in the base, lotions, etc. Armed with a vague basic know-how and a truck load of imagination, I set off my newest adventures in making my own beauty products...

Lip gloss/balm - take 1

The ingredients I used in my first lip product, as shown in the picture, are: extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, petroleum jelly, one lipstick, one tinted chapstick.

Lip pot tutorials are easily found all over the internet and books: here is my pictorial low down
Brief summary of the photo instructions (no measurements given-- it was all eye-balled):
1. Scrape lip tubes empty into your bowl
2. Mix a portion smaller than your lip product, of petroleum jelly into the bowl
3. Microwave mixture for a short amount of time; just so it melts, but does not boil; I did mine for 15 secs
4. While the product is warm, mix a small portion of coconut oil
5. Have a clean pot ready
6. Spoon mixture into pot until full
7. Place in freezer and let sit to become solid but not frozen.
8. Showing off results!

One thing I'd like to note about my procedure, is that coconut oil solidifies at around room temp.-- it doesn't take much to melt it either, in that regard; your temp alone will melt it. So use very sparingly! I didn't (the pictures show far too much), and my product is more of a tinted gloss than a tinted balm... not very lip pot friendly. I'd also like to say that I do not recommend petroleum jelly; it's preference really, many chap stick brands use it. The only reason I did was because it was the only thickening/base agent I had at hand; I would recommend using solid beeswax or lanolin. Cosmetic suppliers also sell pre-made bases as well to create richer and creamier, but stable and solid lip products.

I was an avid sampler of LUSH cosmetics, so over time I collected many of their little pots that their samples came in. After washing them out of whatever product they had and removing their label, they make great lip pots, or travel pots (to carry some of your lotions or cleansers as you travel instead of carrying the entire bottle).

Face Cleanser - take 3

This seems to be the motif for my facial routine... never settling on one.
Admittedly I am quite obsessed with my skin's condition, and so to that effect I have spent literally hundreds of dollars vying for the right cleanser to suit my skins onerous needs.

One day, during one of my daily researches, someone mentioned cleansing their face with oil with profound and almost immediate results-- I was then led to this blogger, Crunchy Betty, who offers a wealth of knowledge on the subject. So I began my OCM routine using a roughly 3:1 ration of extra virgin olive oil to tea tree oil. My immediate results were not as impressive as most, but in the long term it seemed as though light was shining through the tunnel my skin put me in. A little more than a few months in and I am not satisfied, but not because it didn't work... it did in fact work! But I needed something a little more; I have no new breakouts at all, but my old ones are still slightly present and I still found I needed to use moisturizer; back to the drawing board again:

My latest OCM concoction uses: 2 tbsp organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, 4 tbsp cold pressed castor oil,  1 tsp lavender oil, 1/2 tsp tea tree oil.

No other special prep, just put in the container you intend on keeping it in and mix till the consistency of cupcake batter, but the viscosity of icing.

According to my knowledge on the essential oils used, this combination should be good for combination temperamental skin-- not for severe acne or other harsh skin conditions, but for blemish and redness prone. My first usage yielded slightly better results than the first trial from the previous combination; I didn't feel the need to apply moisturizer at all, it left my skin super soft but not weighed down. The smell is quite delicious! I have deemed this the "cupcake" cleanser, because the texture is much like batter but melts into smooth oil, and the smell is like lavender icing.
A couple days in now, and I can visibly tell my redness is significantly less.

Have you ever made or thought of making your own beauty products? 
If so how do they compare to old favorites?


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