Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Decluttering

Ms. Misantropia proposed a challenge; a challenge to clean up, and feel good.

I've been deep in the bin since that time, and was afraid I wasn't going to post any progress due to tremendous amounts of self-loathing, grieving and general melancholy.
Yesterday, I decided enough was enough-- I'm tired of not feeling happy. Tired of feeling caged; tired of the anxiety; but most of all, I'm tired of feeling like I am the stick in the mud.

There isn't a lot I can do right now to change my situation; we've chosen to eliminate our existing credit card debt by the end of the year, by constricting our activities-- which for me, means giving up my hobbies for a little while. It also means not going out unless it is to get groceries (which we're trying to keep to once a month).
  1. Declutter the house-- almost every furniture piece in our house is a hand-me-down from my mother in law. Most of it we put to good use, but others are just taking up space.
  2. Find inexpensive ways to do something romantic and fun-- there are no art galleries, no museums, no parks, no events, no markets, no way to grow a garden on the cheap in this infertile ground, and my husband hates going for walks during the summer months (and who can blame him); all we've been doing is watching movies day in and out.
  3. Rearrange and organize my craft room-- It's a wreck, and I mean literally... see for yourself.
As you walk in...

Turing to the right...

And to the left...
You can see why I haven't been my crafty ole' self; the fact this room feels and looks like a disaster coupled with zero budget for the supply to make my pending projects inhibits the creative feng shui.
Up until now, I just couldn't bring about the enthusiasm needed to do something about it-- hopefully I can stay on track.

I've already begun the process!
So many projects pending to be made...

Edited to add:

In other news, I've been a part of the fast food crew at the local Burger King for roughly three weeks now.
At first it felt good knowing I had a job, now I am starting to wonder if the stress of such a high traffic job is doing more good than bad. I really want to prove to myself that I can sustain such a job with my personality type, but I have a feeling the managers are beginning to see what I am refusing to believe; that I'm not fit for the position. My hours have been severely cut down already, and I feel like any day now they'll tell me to go on my way. With all my might I fight the urge to shut down during our peak hours; I try my best each day I am present, and haven't been late since the start. If they do end up letting me go, at least I can say I didn't falter in my determination to fit into the job. And at the very least I know that I was meant for some other type of customer service job; many customers complimented me and some even tipped me on my cordial amenability; how encouraging it is to hear such things. Some day, hopefully soon, I'll find the right job I can feel fully confident doing-- clothing retail has its problems, but it's the kind of job I feel fit to do.


  1. I'm glad you're joining!
    I understand that it is difficult for you right now, living with debt. Do you work? It sounds like you live quite isolated. I can totally relate to that. We have no money either, and live in the countryside. But what we try to do to make things more romantic on a budget is:
    -Plan our grocery shopping, cooking and baking. Good food and drink always lightens my mood. We each cook twice a week, and I bake at least once a week.
    -We look for old games that are basically free on-line.
    -We set aside time to really talk, time to take baths, to give massages.
    -We try to clean house regularly. Everyone feels better in cleaner and organized quarters. A bonus is coming across long forgotten craft materials!
    -There are many things that can be grown in pots; zucchinis, radishes, bushy tomatoes, herbs and flowers. I grew lots of stuff when I still lived in an apartment, without a garden.

    I hope this month will offer you some change and hope!

    1. Yes, I do work but I don't honestly know for how long-- if they want to keep me on. I am searching around for another job. Since I want to keep the frugal period short, I agreed to devote each check to paying it down.

      Heh, believe it or not I've actually proposed all of those to my husband in the past; he didn't seem all that moved by the notions, but he does try every once in a while which feels incredibly uplifting. I'd like to find something that compels him, or at least distract him; I've just run out of ideas.

      My husband and I say the same thing about a clean home, so the rest of the house is so clean it's almost sterile. It's just my craft room that is quite chaotic-- thankfully I've made serious headway since bolting my fabric.

      I probably should've put the garden in a different bullet, heh-- I've been wanting more plants around, but I don't have the budget to buy the stuff to begin. I think I can scrounge hand-me-down pots, dirt and seeds.

  2. It's such a good feeling to get your craft room in order, Madame MM. I applaud you! :o)

    I've always felt that clothing retail fits my personality quite well. Doing displays and helping people put together a beautiful outfit gives me just that little bit of creativity we both seem to need - and almost makes up for the lousy wages and rude customers! :D

    1. It really is-- the progress I've made has already been inspiring me. It feels good =)

      I know a jobs a job, but I've always felt the same way; I can overlook the bad when I feel proud and confident-- clothing does this for me. To me, clothing is the most therapeutic item; to touch, mold, cut and arrange... it's thrilling! When I worked at Fairweather in Sunridge Mall, it was a dead-end job by many standards, but I felt eager going to work despite nasty customers and pay.

  3. Don't let the job get you down. That sort of thing kind of kills you. I have had my hours cut down in the past and it really sucked too! I have also had managers who sucked, and treated me like crap, even though I was great at my job! I currently have no job, and feel that almost any job would be better than none, but maybe I am wrong.

    Do you have any really nice manager who is sort of your friend and will be willing to recommend you for a more appropriate job when you leave? People like that are very valuable for getting a better job!

    I could never work in Burger King or any fast food place, I would be fired for eating all the chips! :P

    I hope when you tidy your craft room it inspires you and you find something you can make without buying more.

    My boyfriend and I don't go out much together, as we aren't interested in all of the same leisure activities. We watch a load of shows together, we both love basically everything HBO.

    1. The people I work with are quite nice, but I can tell that my pace annoys them-- all I can do is try, but it's probably not quick enough for their needs. You could say I'm a slow learner, eheh.

      My neighbors are actually looking out for me, bless them. They're referencing me to places but none have bitten yet.

      It's working with food that bothers me-- I've never been sure of myself around food, but it's a job so there was no sense in not trying to make it work out lol.

  4. If you find any good inexpensive ways to do romantic and fun stuff, do share on your blog, my fiancé and I are trying to think of something to!

    I'm sorry about your jobsituation, having a hard time at work is one of the worst things the brain can deal with :/

  5. good luck on finding a job that will make you happy and worth it :-)

  6. OH the dreaded pile of craft materials. I lived in a very small space for quite some time and I actually didn't craft as much as I used to simply because my stuff wasn't organized. Now I have moved and my craft stuff is in boxes in the basement. I have recently purchased some of those plastic drawers and this week I am going down there and I AM GOING TO CLEAN IT UP! I have been avoiding this task for months but it must be done!!! It is hard to get inspired when your stuff is a mess.


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