Monday, May 20, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Make-shift Monday

There isn't much to update upon since my last entry, but rather than let more days go by without a post I decided at the very least I'd share some of my recent improvisations.

When I first received my machine, I desperately lacked many of the gadgets and gizmos that made sewing that much more easier; I make-shifted a large spool caddy using a cutting board holder, at first. Despite taking up tons of room behind my machine, it served me well, but now I needed a change.

After some deliberating, I came to the conclusion that a paper towel holder would best serve as the majority basis of the overall design of this simple but profoundly useful item. I took some wire and fashioned a hook onto a cast iron holder. It worked out quite well; I bought these holders from the dollar store.

Eventually I'll get around to replacing the silver wire with a more suitable black one; it looks quite lovely now behind my machine, and takes up far less space!

Meanwhile, I admit that I haven't yet been able to create my own personalized pressing loafs/rolls yet precisely because I haven't found wool fabric that has won my enthusiasm. I don't suspect I will either any time before the fall/winter season, when an abundance of such material in the plethora of patterns and colors is readily available. It is for this reason I also avoided sewing articles that needed precision pressing; my anal nature will prevent any satisfaction for a completed garment that hasn't gone through the "proper protocol."

Purple yarn is definitely desirable... just used for comparison

But thankfully my improvisational nature finally kicked in; I fashioned myself a pressing roll using a large skein of less than desirable synthetic yarn wrapped in cotton. It's just safety-pinned together, but its large circumference makes it quite accommodating; a sufficient compliment to my tailor's board. I know that eventually the yarn will collapse because of its synthetic make-up, hopefully I can find pretty wool fabric before then... it's the only thing left needed to begin.


  1. That kitty is super-cute! ;)

  2. I agree with above - what a beautiful kitty!

  3. Great idea for the spool holder! My sewing machine holds spools horizontally and the thread snags. It's so annoying.


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