Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mortem's Apothecarium: DIY Eyeshadow Primer

Let's face it, when it comes to things that don't pertain to sewing or jewelry making, I'm a bit of a scrooge.
I would rather spend the time I'm not using to find inexpensive ways to achieve those expensive make up looks, than to spend all that money on something that doesn't last me longer than say a skirt made for the same amount of money.

One such product is eyeshadow primer. Some of us may question the importance of an eyeshadow primer, but not me! Though to this day I am not willing to pay more than $10 for a skinny bottle of the stuff...
So I went online in search of a fairly decent recipe to cook up.
One such recipe that has received many raves was Budget Savvy Diva's eyeshadow primer concoction.
It does work, but after several batches I didn't acquire the lasting umph that I was looking for, and it was also a little too sticky-goop for me.

So after a little bit of experimenting in my kitchen, I now bequeath you all version one of my own recipe. It makes an almost mousse-like primer; it feels quite airy. The yield depends on the size of the container you're going to keep it in.

You'll need:

  • Light face moisturizer: I use one by Simple in the Hydrating line.
  • Lightweight cream foundation: The brand I use is Annabelle in their SkinTrue line. My color is medium beige
  • A block of natural beeswax: Found nearly everywhere, especially in health food stores. A small block costed me 99 cents
  • Small microwavable glass bowl
  • Mixing spoon/tooth pick
  • Sanitized/cosmetic container
Before we begin, I am using a 0.25 oz. (7 ml) container-- the kind you get at Lush for a sample of product. I didn't fill it in this tutorial, but the ratios are the same; 1/2 part beeswax, 1 part lotion, 2 part foundation cream.

1. To start you'll need to grate or cut your beeswax. I couldn't find my mini grater, so I just cut off slivers.

You want the beeswax to be as finely chopped as you can get it; ideally you'd grate it, so it'll all melt easier.

2. Next you'll want to warm the wax in the bowl until it has melted. You can do this via the double boiler method on the stove, or with your microwave/convection oven. Keep an eye on it as it heats, making sure it doesn't burn. The amount of time you leave it to warm up depends on which method, and how hot your appliances get-- use your best judgement.
Note to self-- don't mix the rest in the bowl!

You can be a ditz like me and attempt to mix the rest of it in the bowl, or you could pour the wax into your container after the next step, like the sensible people I know you all to be.

3. While your wax is heating, you'll want to prepare the rest of your ingredients into the container before you add the wax. When your wax is a full liquid form, stir and mix as you pour the wax into the container so that you don't form any chunks-- work quickly! The wax cools fast unless you're working in a hot environment; adding the wax before the lotion and foundation could cost you precious mixing seconds, causing unwanted chunks of solid unmixed wax.
My bad attempt at transferring from bowl to container...
The reason you want to mix everything inside the container, as you can see, is because once the mixture cools off it is really finicky; you might have lots of left over product in the bowl and on the mixing implement instead of where you want it-- in the container.

That's that, you're done! A homemade eyeshadow primer that actually matches your skin tone thanks to your foundation cream.

And now for a test...

Top with primer, bottom is without.
This is lightly applied, mind you; I didn't want to waste too much of my favorite color, but these are usually hyper pigmented, especially the dark ones-- see how stingy I am? Yes, I probably should've used a color I didn't like much... but it wouldn't have been so eye pleasing for my blog, hehe.

Enjoy, and happy crafting!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! When you try it on your lids, please tell us something about how long it lasts and if it creases or not? And that's a gorgeous purple, by the way :)


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