Monday, July 23, 2012

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: The Face Routine Part 2

Part 2 of the second post that is part of my steadily forming "Foundation" series; I share my obligatory 'days in the life of me' cleverly titled "Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm" whereas you get to live and learn vicariously in my status quo. So onto the show...

In the previous post I covered my skin care routine, and what I use to achieve what I have.
In this post I will proceed to share my make up routine in the form of my "everyday" look.

Here is my face (again) before I apply my regular make-up:

These are all the products I ever use to achieve just this one look.

It takes a lot to look "natural"; don't you love the irony?
In the image there is:
1. High Beam by Benefit-- a luminescent complexion enhancer.
2. Dandelion by Benefit-- blush
3. SkinTrue by Annabelle-- medium beige concealer
4. Liquid Eyeliner by Annabelle-- "black out"
5. Brow/eyeliner by NYC- 923 "Charcoal"
6. Sexy Curves by Rimmel London-- mascara
7. Skintrue compact by Annabelle-- pressed powder in "Light"
8. Lipstick by Benefit-- LP62 "Rocket Pop"
9. Glam Shine Diamond by L'Oreal Paris-- Lip gloss 167 "Coral Carat"
10. Lip Care by Nivea-- strawberry

Benefit is the only brand in here that is sold on its own shelf in the "specialty cosmetics" section of the drugstore. It's still not all that more pricier than Annabelle, though, in my opinion.

To begin; I start with using my concealer with a cosmetic sponge, and apply it through a series of rapid dabbing. Making sure my neck and collar get the same amount of attention for perfect blendage.
*dab dab dab*
*more dab dab dab*

The I apply the High Beam underneath my eyes only, where dark circles and puffiness love to show off... but with High Beam, it ain't happening.
I honestly and truly thought it was nail polish when I first set eyes on this product

Do not mind the unkempt brows!
With the tip of my finger I blend and blend and blend till it looks more like a bright glow. Then I take my pressed powder and lightly go over my key points; dulling the "glow" under the eyes a little further-- going over my forehead to prevent and dull shine-- blend my neckline, ears, face and collar-- and finally sweeping over the corners of my nose.

Foundation is complete!
Now I begin definition!

The first thing I use is my blush, and a kabuki brush makes all the difference mind you... I take the blush and load the brush, making sure to tap before swiping the top of my cheek bones so as not to have excess blush transfer onto my face; it creates a sharp colorization that in my opinion is tacky for everyday wear. I just use one stroke, because I then use three fingers to vigorously blend it in to more like gentle glow.

Remember! Soft to hard, not hard to hard.

 Next I define my eyes.
Taking my brow pencil and very lightly brushing until the middle then apply a little more pressure to darken and define the curve or angle.

Takes lots of practice and cotton swabs till you can make the perfect swipe!

 When it comes to liner, I very seldom ever line the bottom lid. Having the High beam on and by doing this, I allow my eyes to look brighter and larger than they really are. Adding a cats eye tail to accentuate my lashes when it comes to applying the mascara in the regular manner.

Now comes for the lip plumpage!
Because of my heritage, my lips are rather plump as they are-- some days I just skip this step and just stick with my chapstick.
But as you can see in this next photo, going with the rest is
 well worth my while.
Nude/nude lips require chapstick!
More defined with lipstick and glitter gloss

And voila! My not-so-natural natural look!


Not sure why my neck is super red...
If you are wondering about the necklace, I'm afraid there is no other place to buy it... as I am the creator of it. The setting is made from a jewelry piece long broken, and I revamped it black and added rhinestones and the zombie girl cameo to it. I simply chained beads together to form the strand in which it hangs from. If I come into possession of another setting, I will surely make another to sell-- so keep in touch!

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