Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: The Batmobile Lost a Wheel

I've deviated from my list these past couple of days because a late arrival finally did arrive, and I was able to work on a very overdue commission which was requested from me.

So here I am cruising along this request, when suddenly my needle snapped. Well, I come to realize that, that was my last denim needle! To top it all off, it had slipped my mind to purchase double fold bias tape and some connector rings... which to be able to continue further, I can't do without (still kicking myself ). I can't make any bias tape because I have no spare matching cloth to make it from...
Unwilling to lose hope, I decided to take my chances with the next town over hoping that they would have what I need; even though it was just a wal-mart I was going to (waaay more than my town can boast)... alas, my hopes were for naught. Everything was there... just not in black like I needed (least I got a pack of needles); gas money right down the damn drain...

How aggravating it is to live so far from everything! It costs too damn much money and time to get the simplest things! UGH.

Wrenching myself out of this road block was no easy task, and forcing myself to look into my sketch/note books and begin preparations for the skirt to blouse project on my list was no picnic either. I usually take the time to reflect on the project pending, and refuse to think about anything else. Not this time; this month I made it a mission to waste no time waiting.
I chose to sew over something a little more humble (like drawing)-- well sewing is my humble craft. I don't practice any other craft more than I do sewing, so I don't need to use much of my creative problem solving if the project isn't too ambitious. The skirt is a variation of another skirt I designed and drafted a pattern for previously (seen completed here), so technically it should be a breeze. I just really don't like the fact I have to postpone the purse further... but I have only the faintest idea of when I could go to Flagstaff and buy the rest of my supply, rendering planning to be a flimsy affair.

I think, therefore I...can?
Still, I just can't seem to shake the feeling that this isn't something I should be working on, and it's likely because it's something for myself... damn this guilt! Sometimes I even end up selling/giving things that were intended for myself...

*sigh* It's things like this that remind me why it would be best not to take requests from anyone at this time-- even from friends.
I have such a hard time saying 'no' to the people I care about; it's not necessarily a bad thing, until something like this happens, and I begin stressing over it.

Probably redundant to repeat it since it's at the very bottom of my page, but I have a few new readers (always good to see new ones! Welcome!). My designs are my own, please do not copy without my explicit consent-- I mention it on this particular post because I am sharing a new design straight from my books.


  1. This is what I worry about, Madame MM - running out of supplies in the middle of a project and having to spend two hours on the road (plus gas!) to go find them!

    I can relate to not taking requests for custom work. I'm supposed to be finishing a pair of mukluks right now but I also need to be packing and painting, so no matter which one I choose to do, I feel guilty about not working on the other one! :P

    1. Yes, you really have to overestimate when you purchase and live so far from a city... unfortunately I undershot it. Luckily I have neighbors awesome enough to let me ride with them when they head into the city.

      The cycle is very vicious!


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