Friday, April 12, 2013

Spooky Basket: Foundation Sponge -- Beauty Blender

And I'm not talking about the disposable wedges.
My knowledge in make up may not be as adept as some, but one things for sure-- I'm always looking for a good a deal.

Several months ago I was fervently making cosmetic purchases, trying to replace my old budget favorites from Canada (here and here). One of my purchases (that I now deeply regret) was a foundation brush, because not long after I decided I'd make the steep purchase (thinking it's best to invest in a good brush) did I find out about the Beauty Blender. At first, it did seem like my brush was a deal because it wasn't that much more than just one of those sponges; if you include the cleanser, I thought I made out.
After a bit of research, I came across a few different brands (and knock offs) of said sponge-- the knock off has been one of grave discussion. You can find these on ebay for mere dollars and cents with free shipping; I figured what the heck, the worst case is my expensive brush is still good and I only wasted $4 (a little less than $2 each) as opposed to the $30 I spent on the brush.

At least for me, this wasn't the case... the foundation sponge ended up being the better choice <insert rage>. If you're on the go the sponge is tip top-- no fuss, no streaks, even coverage-- while the brush takes just a smidge more work to leave the foundation even and streakless.

I actually much prefer the gourd shape of these sponges to the tear drop shape of the original beauty blender; it "feels" better in your hand, you'll see what I mean if you end up purchasing one.

The texture feels kind of like fleshy petals, which makes it feel that much better than the bristles of a brush no matter how soft they are. The reason one blender is larger than the other in my photos is because one is wet and the other is dry; wet application is best, you smear your foundation on then blend out with rolling dab motions. Being wet for application ensures you waste a lot less product, or so they say-- it's very stiff when dry also.

The size increases when wet.
Cleaning it is actually as simple as cleaning the foundation brush; I use this method as shown by the youtuber Michelle Phan, of  1 part olive oil to 2 parts dish soap:

It works like a charm.


     The Pros
  • Cheaper... a lot less cheaper. That counts for 100 pts... in my opinion...
  • A little less time applying foundation evenly
  • Cleans just as easily
  • Feels better, heh
    The Cons
  • Probably won't last as long as a brush, but still much much longer than wedges (my first one is still going strong since making the purchase back in Oct. 2012)
  • Still wastes a little more product than a brush
  • A little harder to store since it has no container (I keep it in a sammich bag for travel)

If you have tried one, which do you prefer and why?

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