Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Mental Traffic Jam

I can't believe how much I am struggling to form a thought, so bare with me as I sort through some of the muddled thoughts drowning each other out in my noggin'. Fair warning, folks, this will be a rather long (by my standards) and random one...

Where to begin...
First, I am working on several projects at once; attempting to calculate solutions for each simultaneously. I'm at the point of my thought process where I am the most unproductive; I am impulsive by nature, and that can often lead to a clash of ideas, such as now. Turning my delightful recreations, into an obsession with sharp pointy teeth, bearing down on numerous facets of my consciousness.

It happens at least once a month, and I can usually manage to suppress this surplus of ideas through careful planning, a.k.a. a "to do" list.
But at this moment I am have having trouble prioritizing.

It all started after achieving relative success with version one of my eyeshadow primer imitation, I started wondering what else I could substitute... which inevitably led to setting sprays.
Research is key, as they say; the most concise explanation for these kinds of sprays came, of course, in the form of a youtube video:

This is part one of a two parter on the low-down of these sprays (here is the 2nd).

Anyway, I took to my kitchen again and started brewing up a setting spray-- the idea of appearing a just a little more natural with my make up is an appealing one, cake face is not attractive in the least... but then neither is the "glory" of my natural very uneven colored skin.

Here is what version one looks like, which is still undergoing trials so I won't be sharing it until that stage is complete.

And here is its result combined with my homemade primer:

I feel like it still needs so much tweaking; this batch works just fine on the patches of dry skin I have, but it puts a fierce shine on my oily patches; I have to re-powder all those problematic shine spots.

Other than that, my mind has also been plagued by what to sew next. I received tons of fabric as an early birthday present; I'm particularly obsessed with 4.5 yards of lightweight black and white stripped matte polyester/cotton fabric from the lot-- the dilemma lies with what I'm going to make with it first. I have all these views from all these patterns to choose from!

Well, with all this cluttering up my thoughts, it's a much welcome distraction that Ms Misantropia has nominated me for a Liebster Award.
I realize I could make this a post on it's own, but I try and do right by one post a day, keeps the inbox clutter away.

1. How would you describe your home decorating style?

When I lived back home, those who have visited my abode often said my decorating style was like a hermit witch. I had bottles upon bottles of dried botanica, odd mixtures, books and drapes of fabric with curiosities in the mix. It also lacked any natural light because it was in the basement of my mother's home, hehe.

2. What is the original color of your hair and eyes?

Dark brown, and dark brown.

3. What are your 2 favorite colors?

I haven't so subtly made a bias towards black and purple, heh.

4. Do you have any pets?

A cat named Poe; his full name is Hans Poe Gruber according to my husband.

5. What are some stereotypes about your country and its people,

and do you identify with any of them?

Generally we live in igloos, say 'eh' and pronounce 'about' as 'aboot'. We have moose as pets, and hockey is the only leisurely activity played. Severely pacifist, but overall naive/carefree.

I've actually never seen an actual igloo or moose in my life, just deer and the occasional coyote. I say eh on occasion, but it's so seldom it is seen as general purpose talk; I don't think anyone has ever even jokingly pointed it out, yet. I do identify with pacifism, and I wouldn't describe myself as carefree.

6. Do you have any siblings?

2 brothers, one older and one younger. Where the gene lacking height is inherent in my body, clearly their's didn't get that memo; my youngest brother is over 6ft tall.

7. What prompted you to start blogging?

Plain and simple, what prompted me was the need for a social outlet that isn't as direct as an actual social situation. I do well socializing online, but in person it's like I'm a whole different person.

8. Which 3 personality traits do you like most about yourself?

That's a loaded question for me, in that many of my personality traits are hindered by my introversion; online, I've been told I seem friendly and articulate. Sadly, that makes a complete flip in person, which is often seen as aloofness. The only thing that remains unchanged by the situation is my creativity.

9. Which vintage era do you find most interesting style-wise?

It literally varies day to day, so it's hard to say.

10. What is your view on feminism and gender equality?

I believe that saying you're against feminism, is a lot like saying you're against justice. The fight for women's rights remains as important as racial rights; both of which, as you might guess, are quite important to me. On the same token, I'm not particularly pleased with the sudden turn of tables that some feminist groups have taken to-- vilifying men. It's trading one social injustice with another, and that's just not progress in my eyes.

11. Do you have any religious beliefs?
There is one belief that I hold quite dear as the rest changes, and that is the belief that karma is the resulting energy we absorb after what we put out. It really pains me to see that the idea of karma is often seen as some kind of perverted sense of revenge assured over time, instead of the pursuit of well being and balance that it should be. For example, say you've been put into a bad situation-- it is up to you to decide which energies you absorb into your mental state-- good or bad? Vengeance is a form of bad energy, you're essentially stuffing your subconsciousness with fear, doubt and anger; situation after situation, altering your perceptions.

The people I'll nominate (method borrowed from Ms. Misantropia):

  • Michelle from Crafts For Misfits: It's interesting to hear how she solves storage issues when living in a uniquely designed apartment. She also weaves the most appealing infinity scarves and modern tapestries I've ever seen.
  • Sophie from The Gothic Bureacrat: A fellow Canadian, I often find myself compelled by the emotion behind her words; she posts about her life after surviving DV.
  • Lesthi from Lesthi : Lesthi posts about her daily life, and wishlists-- I find many of her finds quite inspiring to my own wishlist, heh.
  • Laura from Roses And Vellum: She has recently took it upon herself to teach herself to sew, and the results are always so beautiful. She posts intriguing articles and inspirational posts about steampunk and Edwardian fashion, events, books, and movies.
On-come the questions:

1. When seeking inspiration, what method do you find works for you most often?
2. If you could live the life of one person for a day, fictional or not, whom would it be?
3. If you became highly accomplished, what would you be most famous for?
4. If you could travel back in time, what would you change or witness?
5. What are 4 items you can't live without?
6. What type of movie/book genre do you most watch/read?
7. If you could make one renovation to your current house, what would it be?
8. Do you believe a day should be attempted to be tackled systematically, or on a whim? 
9. What is a quote about life you try to live by?
10. What is one beauty product you swear by?
11. What is your thought process when you deem something worthy of purchasing?


  1. I love you answers, we are very much alike! It seems many bloggers share a few personality traits, like being more sociable at a distance than in person. Though I have seen a few moose in my life time :)

    1. Wouldn't it be funny to have a get-together for all of us? We'd all be sitting in separate corners of the room typing our conversations to avoid having to actually talk to one another! LOL

      We'll try to rectify Madame MM's never having seen a moose before when she comes to visit the Crappy Little Trailer in the Spooky Forest this summer. At the very least, she's bound to see a deer. ;o)

    2. Indeed, blogging is the solution to our social short comings!
      Heh, I lived in a city all my life-- I wasn't given many chances to be in the great outdoors, but admittedly I hardly sought many chances either. I was always a city body, but that's not to say I don't appreciate nature's beauty.

    3. During a particularly rowdy camp session, I suggested that we host an "Introvert Camp," where everyone just does their own thing, in relative proximity to other people.

  2. Awww, thank you for including me - I like your questions, they're not ones I've come across (or answered) before ... I'll get to it!

    I use plain rosewater or orange blossom water as a setting spray - works wonders with no nasty chemicals! ;)

    1. You're quite welcome!
      I await your answers eagerly =)

      Currently this mix utilizes various essential oils in combination with aloe vera gel; it works perfectly for those with dry skin, my husband's skin took to it superbly. I just haven't found the right balance for my own skin, I tried rosewater with the same results as this batch, but I'll give orange blossom water a shot =D

  3. You opinion on feminism is exactly like mine :)

    And thank you for nominating me! <3 I'm happy you find my blog inspiring!


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