Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spooky Basket: Gifted Goodies

Boy, it's really hard not to come off as brazen in the wake of both really good, and really bad news...
It's actually taking more willpower than it should, just to write this post... I wouldn't say it's completely inane, but certainly the importance of the rest of the content is unavailing comparatively to other news.
It's got me all mixed up, because despite the bad news, I received the very welcome news that my husband does not need to go on furlough anymore.

We can just call this post neutral ground, shall we?

The 24th marked a quarter century living the life that I do. I'm still wondering where the past 8 years went, because I still can't fathom I am even in my 20's... and this certainly seems to be the mentality of many others, because no one believes me still that I'm a mere few years from being 30; they believe my husband is robbing from the cradle.

My husband spoiled the heck out of me; I'm still gobsmacked over the amount of TLC I lavished in.
He bought me lots of pretty things, and took me to pretty places...

The books and bracelet were given to me by my in-laws, and the rest was my husband. Perhaps one day, I'll feel up to posting excerpts of these books, as I imagine the titles might pique a few readers. The story behind them being from Goodwill is that we were shopping there with my sister-in-law. I usually head straight for the book section, then try to make my way to the crafts... but by the time I get there I usually blow most of the money I take on those trips on just books. I'm too stubborn to change that thrifty shopping habit or give up what I find, so my sister-in-law relieved some of that "weight" as an early birthday present.

Excuse the awkward looking skin of my arm... it didn't feel photo ready, apparently.
The bracelet was given to me by my mother-in-law; a very glitzy and glamy piece that I was all too thrilled to have received.

I hate to sound absurdly biased, but the gifts my husband gave me invoked a frenzy of joy which I still haven't come down from yet. First he bought me the mini cookware set; it appears to be for children, but was in fact made for cooking single serving breakfast; it comes with a poacher pot, griddle pan and skillet.  However, I am using it to brew up my potions and serums for natural beauty.

Second, he bought me a 32 piece makeup brush set along with 2 shadow pallets from wet n' wild, that I still haven't stopped using... and now my eyes are completely sore from wiping off all the "make up fun".

My husband has always been very perceptive of my material desires, so it should've come to no surprise that he bought me this... and yet, I still feel happily surprised.

I saved the best for last...

My new one that has my heart aflutter
The irony is that he claims this purchase was more for the sake of his wallet than it was for me.
My previous camera had an insatiable appetite for batteries; it easily went through a 20 pack of batteries in one month. Blogging started becoming an expensive hobby at the rate I was going...
The features, memory and megapixels of my new one blow my old one right out of the water with dynamite; it's also sleek and pretty...

My old one. Yup... just a meager 7 MP...

In the defense of my old one... it was completely free. My mom bought it for a measly 500 air miles-- it was the bottom bin kind of camera, but the one before it was only 2.5 MP which was also free, won in a employee raffle.
So in case you're thinking it's impossible to have decent photos with a "crappy" camera, it really isn't... and all the photos before June 21st 2013 prove this statement. Just have to get to know your equipment, that's all.
Which is funny because I'm still on the learning curve of my new one, so the photos are currently coming out to be the same quality as my old one... once I get to know it better, I'm quite hopeful the quality will reflect into my blog.

I had a chance to give it a good test when my husband took me out to a couple hiking trails and a picnic during the summer solstice... these are just a few of my favorite shots I was able to take.


  1. Happy birthday! :D Hooray for a new camera, and oooh, that's an awesome set of makeup brushes! I have a wee griddle and skillet similar to yours. They might look silly to some people, but they are perfect when you're cooking for one. A "normal" 8" skillet is huge when you're scrambling just two eggs.

    1. Thank you =D

      See, I didn't think anything of the size either! But then someone pointed it out lol. They're just perfect for what I intend to use them for.

  2. Oh that brush set is awesome!!
    Your camera take really nice photos, well most part is the photographer I guess ;).

    1. I've been having lots of fun with the brush set! I am not terribly creative with make up, but this certainly gives me plenty of excuses to try the looks I've so long coveted on other's blogs.

      Thank you! I've recently demoted photography to an interest, rather than a hobby of mine... if that makes sense. I want to learn to take really great photos for the sake of my blog and maybe in the future when I begin selling my crafts again lol.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Dear! ^^
    A mere few years? Wow, indeed...weird. I honestly belive, that time flies faster above 20, the past couple of years passed by so silently, I can't even recall what hapened when, things just blur into each other...funny. :)

    1. Thank you =D

      I think you're completely right-- the years past my teens is quite the blur! Now I know exactly why so many adults feel like time passes far too quickly.

  4. What sweet gifts! The skulle bracelet looks really awesome :D And a new camera is always nice.

    1. Yes, they are very swell gifts-- I can't stop using my camera! I am determined to get it down pat =P

  5. What lovely gifts!! How awesome that you got a new camera, it makes things so much easier for blogging. I also have the Big Ass Book of Crafts (my family knows that I like swear words and like to craft but don't have much patience for anything that requires a lot of skill, lol!) My favourite craft in that book is Drag Art. I actually made a painting using that method that is hanging in my house!


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