Monday, July 22, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: 1st Year Blogiversary

You guys are really remarkable! There's no other word for it-- I feel so inspired to write!
Your questions and critiques helped me asses what I felt needed to be done about my blog; I wanted to take things up a little, but didn't know where to begin. Thanks to you all, I now have a bundle of ideas to apply to future posts.

First on the docket is the announcement of the giveaway! And for that, I really wanted to make a gif for the first time, heh!

And the winner is...

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to

Pardon the atrocious penmanship, I'm running on very little sleep and my hands wouldn't stop quaking-- eep!
I know, I know... I should be taking much better care of myself.

Ok, so now onto the questions! I know I told you all that I would answer all your questions in this post, but a few of you asked some very good questions that deserve good (long) answers. Without making this post too much of an essay, I will break up this portion into two parts; I will answer the other half of your questions in the next post, I promise!

Where do you buy your fabric and are there any patterns that you like the best?
Wherever I can find myself a bargain, hehe. That tends to be at Joann's (because of their weekly coupons), or Walmart (because of their clearance yard bins). With patterns of fabric I tend to be awkwardly obsessive about flocked damasks, and iridescent shantung or dupioni silk... but they are almost always out of my price range, which is why I never get to use them in projects.

What are your (top five) favorite bands 
I’ll be honest, I tried avoiding this question on numerous occasions because I feel judgment will strike down upon me… as it usually does. But since a few of you asked, I'll tell.
You can't really call me a connoisseur of music; I know nothing of the history or the present of music... or even group member names (except for Rammstein). Does that make me bad? I don't think so-- my priorities just lie elsewhere.
I enjoy something from every single genre-- heck I have a few Patsy Cline songs in my mp3 player...
But, for the sake of putting my most listened to groups in 5 slots, here they are:

  1. Rammstein 
  2. Anything that will fit nicely into the genre “Chill Out” (it’s cheating, but I can’t pick a favorite from this genre) 
  3. Depeche Mode 
  4. Alan Parsons Project 
  5. Canned Heat
Shannon Rutherford asks:
Who is the person (or people) that inspire you the most in fashion?

Hard to say... I never really think about who my inspiration comes from. When I was a child I remembering hearing somewhere that an artists' inspiration should come from within, lest your work becomes a copy of a copy of a copy; I never bothered to source it, but I'm sure someone well known said it. The real irony is that art is an interpretation of something... it could be construed as a copy as your eyes see it. Anyway, I digress.

The people who inspire me are the people who absolutely love what they do, and give 100% down to the very last detail, such as presentation. Or people who show a genuine desire for excellence within themselves; constantly growing and learning. And finally, people who are able to see beyond certain societal confines, whether in fashion or behavior, and are able to see that not a single thing lies stagnant and will constantly evolve beyond its origin... thus making it its own entity.

Ok, so that last bit was very specific... but it has true merits within my eyes; it makes my heart flutter when I find kindred fashionistas like that, hehe.

Lynette asks:
Where do you think you have work to improve with your own sewing skills?

Everything... heh.
I’m completely self-taught, and if there is one thing I’ve learned in all the years I’ve had my nose in a sewing book, and at my sewing table… is that I need a proper teacher. There’s no substitute for someone with more professional years teaching you, person to person. The biggest issue for me is learning to fit a body that isn’t present—it has kept me from seriously thinking about selling the clothing I make. I can make someone else a skirt, and that’s it… beyond that, like say a top, and I’m up creek without a paddle. This is mainly due for my lack of confidence with specific kinds of calculations… which flat pattern drafting needs, and lots of; solutions just don’t come as naturally as I need them to be for another person's fit issues. I feel like if I had some tutelage not only would I be privy to the many practical solutions of fitting, but I'd gain the much needed boost to my confidence.

Petit Lutin asks: 
When did you start to sew for yourself ? And how often has it happened that the clothes you were sewing ended up not fitting, or didn't turn out as you expected? 
I started sewing for myself roughly since the 4th grade; making clothes for my dolls and other knick knacks. Sewing clothing began picking up around 7th grade, I think? It was definitely in my jr. high years, that's all I know for certain.
I certainly made plenty of blunders over the years... especially with sleeves, and posterior fit...

Believe it or not, but the majority of clothes I create don't turn out as grand as I envision them-- something always seems to get lost in the translation from my imagination to my hands...
That might be the trait within myself that always wants to improve no matter what, hehe; nothing is good enough.

Victorian Kitty asks:
What got you interested in blogging originally?

Someone I once (and probably still do, regrettably) respected told me that I have many things to share, and blogging would help me to reach out again despite my deep introversion. Admittedly, I tried to mask the alleged reason behind simply needing a place to jot my ideas down. In reality, I took a lot of what he said to heart, and gave it a lot of thought for many months before I decided to just do it.

I wanted to showcase my work, but my introversion peppered with a severe lack of confidence keeps me from succeeding outside of the virtual microcosm. Blogging was and is a surprisingly fun outlet for me; I could show off my latest work, and speak more in depth about the process. But what really set blogging apart from everything else, is that I can speak as freely as I would like about myself... without the burdens of anxiety that it would otherwise bring in literally any other outlet; it somehow manages to escape my deep sense of introversion.


It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since I began blogging... it's not easy talking about myself or anything I do, so doing it for this long (and feeling natural while doing it) comes as quite a surprise to me, hehe. I also craft far more regularly than I normally would if I didn't blog-- you could say that feeling inspired to write, inspires the need to create something to write about! Nice cycle, wouldn't you say?

Thank you for keeping me writing (and crafting)! Here's to many more years of it, cheers!


  1. I love how you did that little gif to show the winner! Congrats to Lady Levana! And yes, here's to many more years of crafting and blogging for you! :D

  2. Interesting to read your answers, Rammstein is one of my top favourite bands as well. ^^

  3. Often in text-heavy posts I'm all TL;DR but this was very interesting and I don't even know you very well, you have a nice, honest way with words. Good luck with future blogging :)

  4. Congrats on your first year of blogging!!!!

  5. Congrats on your blogiversary!! I enjoyed reading your answers to these questions, and learning more about you. Especially your answer about why you started blogging. Someone recently questioned how I, being an extreme introvert, could stand to "put myself out there for the whole world to see." I tried to explain how blogging is perfect for an introvert because we shine when not pressured with face-to-face interaction. Plus it's an outlet that we own and can express ourselves however we wish, and put out there just as much about ourselves as we are comfortable with and no more. I guess people assume introverts want to hide, but I think that's very often NOT what introversion is about. Those who don't live it can't understand it any moreso than we can understand extroverts.

  6. Happy Bloggerversary! I have always enjoyed following your blog in the past and I'm looking forward to what comes next! Also, yay to Rammstein, they're one of my favourite bands, too!


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