Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: All That Glitters.

A few of you have expressed a desire to see more of my handmade jewelry.
Part of the reason I don't solely showcase handmade jewelry is because it's hard for me to get back into that hobby when most of my supplies and tools are back North in Canada. What I sold after the move to AZ is currently one of a kind, but I sold it knowing I could recreate it once again when I get those supplies down here... if I ever get them down here.

What I took with me were my absolute favorite pieces, and that my friends, makes up under half of what I really own. Another little factoid: less than 1% of my collection wasn't made by me... that number can also be said for my current collection. That is how much I enjoy(ed) creating jewelry, and wish it worked out as a business.

But anyway, I like appeasing suggestions. However, it would take a gallery page to display my past jewelry work... and I deleted that long ago after admitting defeat. I tried starting fresh with a new DevArt account, but sadly it hasn't seen an update in months. I planned on updating my old work and submitting it to the new account... but the wound to my pride left after the failed attempt to sell my creations is still kind of tender, and hinders the enthusiasm needed for anything revolving my work in jewelry...

Baby steps.

And that's the silver lining to this; because there is a little interest in my jewelry, I'll show you what I got! Or rather, how I have it-- this request came with the added bonus of giving me the motivation to actually organize it all, heh.

This was the mess it was before...

I am a recovering 'messy person'...

And thanks to a little trip to the dollar store, I found myself this:

Then promptly adapted it for this

Which of course, meant this!

I promise for next time, I'll show you all my favorites of the fav-- and perhaps a little more "history". For now, come relish in the entertainment and joy cats bring us on a daily basis...

Poe seems to love attempting to sit like his adoptive humans...
And yes, he really does sit like that quite often-- not just to lick his nether parts. Cats are quite the enigma.... 


  1. Beautiful collection of jewelry, but what a darrrrling kitty!

  2. Wow this is so beautiful! A very practical idea for long necklaces, I should adapt this as well!

    1. Thank you!
      It's very handy having them at literal arms reach when I'm forming an outfit, hehe.

  3. Mine is all hung on antlers. The tines are good ring holders.

    1. I'd love to have my own jewelry hung on antlers, but I don't have a knack for shed hunting =/

  4. Great idea for hanging jewellery, mine does still get a bit tangled in the box. And since I broke one of my jewellery boxes it is all lumped in together now.

    1. Yeah, I lumped mine, too... but even when I did have tons of jewelry boxes, I still did it lol

      My mother gave me the idea-- she uses a tie rack hung next to all her clothes. Sadly the dollar store didn't carry any of those-- this is still really nfity, though!

  5. From the little bit I've seen of your jewellery, I think it's beautiful and wonderfully made! You shouldn't feel you've failed in the jewellery business - I think it's just so hard for people to find you on Etsy and DeviantArt because there are so many people selling on there. Did you ever try selling at a craft fairs? Maybe there's a HorrorCon somewhere in Arizona that you'd do better at?

    Anyway, POE! What a funny cat. :o)

    1. Thank you, lady Insomnia =)
      I did previously sell at markets, but yes, it did start out on deviantart and Etsy. Etsy was far less of a success for me.

      I did sell my wares at the first annual horror con in Calgary! It was my greatest achievement. However, when I admit defeat, it's usually defeat-- I'm quite stubborn. For me to say it, probably means it's for real, heh.

      Who knows, though-- I might regain the confidence to do so in the future =)

  6. Thats a clever idea for hanging jewellery :D

    And cat <3


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