Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Favorite Things Giveaway

Thanks to Dark Links for featuring me in their recent post, I managed to reach 100 readers before my blogiversary on the 22nd.

I might as well couple the two into one big giveaway, seeing as the 22nd isn't that long from now.
Unfortunately, I only prepped enough goodies for a blogiversary giveaway... so some of the stuff I still want to add won't be shown along with the main goodies; I'll update this post when I finish them.

I'd like to thank my readers old and new for keeping me going; without you to keep me motivated and excited, blogging would've stopped after a few posts, heh.

In order to make that feeling somewhat mutual, I'd like to share with one winner a bundle of some of my favorite things.

This giveaway has ended

What's In The Box?! What's in the box...

  • Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow trio pallet in 'Don't Steal My Thunder'
  • Wet 'n Wild megalast lipstick in 'Cherry Bomb'
  • L.A. Colors jumbo eye pencil in 'Sea Shells'
  • Mascara Applicator Trinket
  • Handmade spooky mug cozy
  • Handmade piece of jewelry
How To Enter!
  • You must be following my blog; pretty important one-- it is the difference between your entry counting and not counting. 
  • Comment on this post; though I might be shooting myself in the foot by asking for this, I'd like to hear your critique-- what am I doing right or wrong, what would you like to see more of... etc.
  • For a bonus entry, ask me a question! I will answer them in my blogiversary post.
This giveaway has ended
Winner will be announced on my blogiversay post.

It's no secret to some that I'm rather a fan of wet n wild products; they're cruelty free, they're affordable, but most of all they're quite surprising quality. Since receiving two pallets for my birthday, it was love at first use. They're quite pigmented, and have a nice subtle shimmer; great for everyday. I chose this pallet to give away because it's the most neutral, but vampy.

Yet another wet n wild product, but one that's much raved and ranted over... it's their megalast lip colors.  For the more spookier folk, there are lots of raves on their Cherry Bomb and Vamp It Up colors. Since my first purchase of these, I haven't stopped wearing them. They're highly pigmented; cherry bomb in specific has become my everyday color-- it's like a dark cherry, but I like to darken it further using a black liner; as seen in the post before this one. Heck I am wearing Vamp It Up in my profile pic; it's a really great dark purple, but since the color of that photo is altered it's not the greatest example of that color...

I love absolutely love jumbo pencils, but I also love a good affordable dupe; so I spend less on my make up, and more on my sewing and crafts! Heh. L.A. Colors offers such dupes for Nyx jumbo pencils. Many make up tutorials use Nyx Milk pencil, so when I heard about L.A.'s Sea Shells being just as good for a couple bucks cheaper, I ran for one. I gotta say, it's quite the dupe; I couldn't tell the difference. I bought other colors, but I am offering Sea Shells since white is so often used as a base for those wicked looks!

I'm a huge gadget person, and recently my gadget obsession has started shining its light towards make up application. On ebay, I find tons of good quality rips; like the beauty blender dupe, for example. I ordered myself a two-fer of this curious looking tool, one of which is being offered up. It is a mascara applicator tool, and its become an integral part of the reason why I now wear mascara. I could barely be bothered to apply it in the past. I'm very clumsy when it comes to applying mascara, mainly because I hardly have lashes to speak of-- I practically have no lower lashes. But this tool helps me to grab those lashes easily and quickly, with no fuss or mess in the end, thus mascara is now part of everyday looks.

Here is a pictorial explanation of how to use it:

use the bottom comb end to spread and comb lashes after application to minimize clumping.
Don't worry, yours will still be packaged-- mine just so happens to be the same color, hehe.

Handmade by me:

Mug Cozy
Pretty little necklace

Thank you for your continued support!
(this giveaway has ended)


  1. Hello there :)
    My critic: I would like to see more pictures in your posts. I know it maybe sounds weird but you always post so many interesting things, like your sewing or diy things, or your outfits but as greedy as i am i would like more pictures of them :$ P.S I Love your posts because they are not only around one subject <3 Keep on that!

    My question: Your all time favourite book. That if you had to "save" one book in this world which would be??

    Good luck to everyone :D <3

  2. Wow, these are really nice products! That eyeshadow palette is perfect for a goth smokey make-up; and I've been searching for that shade of red lipstick for ages :). That tool for mascara looks like a very useful thing :D
    So, my suggestions for your blog is... I'd like to see more of your handmade jewelry :)! As you may recall, I bought one of your necklaces some time ago and I remember you featuring some of your latest works in your outfit posts. That's something I'd love to see more - I have a thing for jewelry and I think yours is pretty cute, so, that's my suggestion.
    And my question is the following: who do you take fashion inspiration from? I mean bloggers or models or people you know in real life. Who is the person (or the people) who inspires you the most, fashion wise?

  3. Oh, Mme Mortem - what a fabulous giveaway! And congratulations on 100 bloggers!

    Critique..? Hmm. I guess it would be nice to see or hear a little more about where you come from and where you live now. But other than that I love your creation/ outfit-posts, so just keep up the good work :)

    And for the question: You don't need to answer this one, since I have a feeling you've been trying not to in the past - but what really happened with the move and the flat you were about to get..? I'm just curious :)

  4. Oooh, everything seems lovely! :3

    Critic: Keep doing whatever you're doing because it's working. I'm really enjoying your blog!

    Question: What are your top five favourite bands? And who designed your header, it's absolutely lovely?

  5. The goodies are great! I'm glad to see someone else uses the products I do! As far a a critic, as a greedy blogger wanting to see what everyone has in the closet...I would love to see more outfits of the day, how you keep everything organized, your makeup collection and how you manage to keep it all working together. Besides your amazing style and innovation, I want to know more about how other bloggers manage their unique styles day to day.

    Maybe if you have the interest, videos on how you pull your look together and makeup tutorials.

  6. Great gifts, whoever wins this, will be so happy :D

    However, I thought I'd just say, instead of not leave a comment at all, I will not participate in the giveaway because I never use makeup so I'm quite sure that these items are waaay more useful to someone else so I will not destroy those persons chances by entering ^^

    So now you know :D I did not want you to think that I had missed seeing this post.

    I do want to give you some critique on your blog of course:
    I love your blog, I love what you create and you are overall so inspirational ^^

  7. Ooh lovely goodies. I don't live in the us so I haven't tried wet and wild :)
    I must confess I only started following you a few week ago, but I really like your posts! (particularly the DIY stuff).
    So it's a bit hard to give critique, but I'd say, keep being awesome!
    Don't be afraid to try new stuff, we'll love it anyway :)
    And for the question, if you would win the lottery, what would you do with the money? (been watching a bit too much Castle lately xd).

  8. What I do love about your blog is all the creative DIY posts. I can't get enough of these posts. You have a nice mixture between outfit, fashion and DIY so I actually don't have anything to complain about your blog :)
    So a question.... Could you please do a music post and tell a little about what music you listen to?
    That little mascara thingey is very clever :).

  9. I don't understand, where did my comment go??? I posted it a few days ago...

    Ok, I'll just start over then:
    I love your outfit posts and creations, but I would like to see more about where you live and/ or where you come from. Sights, gardens, quirky things :)

    My question is the same as I asked before (because I'm so curious): What really happened to you guys' move, and that apartment..?

    Great giveaway, and I can't wait to see what creation you will come up with!

  10. Hello!
    I don't need to enter the contest for the makeup (I have SO much that I don't already use, but thank you!), but I wanted to comment as I read your blog all the time. Sometimes I just don't know what to comment on, so I guess I'm a bad reader? Hahaha! ;)

    I think you and your blog are lovely! I would love to see more of your DIY sewing and your jewelry, I think that would be rad!
    Keep doing what you are doing :)

  11. How the heck did I miss this? Seriously?!? I guess my brain has been on my Mom and not really blogging. Critique? I think you're cute as a button and super handy with the sewing machine. :) I want to see more of your knitting ... but if you're anything like me you really don't want to think about knitting in this heat.

    Question ... hmmm ... what's your favorite band? I'm always interested in seeing what folks listen to, so fess up doll!

  12. Hello!

    I've been following your blog for awhile and hope it's not too tacky that my first comment be on this one. But I've been wanting to experiment a bit more with makeup and you did ask for a question! And I actually have a couple.


    In the posts themselves, you have a great blend of text to picture- and your pictures always look wonderful. I'd love to see a bit more analysis or conclusions at the end of a project or a consideration- but those follow throughs are just my favorite thing to do.

    Over all, you have a great blend of topics. I think you balance sharing your passions for creating, with your thoughts on real life, and your experiments of makeup. Since I am still a novice seamstress, I would love to see more posts about your projects and what you are learning (if anything) with each one. But I realize those are limited by time, material and inspiration. I'd also love to hear more about your inspirations outside of just fashion- what literature, movies, pictures match your personal aesthetic. Actually, any analysis of your own personal style and your method for arriving at it would really interest me. The makeup posts and outfit posts interest me less, personally, but it is your blog.

    In short, keep up the good work!


    ~ What are some of the sewing mistakes or lack of skills that separate novice seamstresses from skilled or professional ones? How did you go about fixing those in your own pieces?

    ~ Where do you think you have work to improve with your own sewing skills?

    ~ If you were to create a list of items that people should sew to gain decent sewing skills, what would be on that list?

    We'll end there.

    Thanks for doing this,


  13. I would love to enter the giveaway! I really don't have a critique because I love your blog as it is. It's just the right balance of various topics but sticking to a theme to keep us "specialized" readers interested. I love the design of it, too!

    A question... hmm... What got you interested in blogging originally? And did you create all of the graphics for your blog design yourself?

  14. Hi, I'm following your blog for a while now, but I've never commented.
    I wanted to tell you that I loved your handmade clothes and the unicorn hat ! I wish I knew how to sew and to knit as well as you !
    And what's in your "Giveaway Box" is so amazing !

    You want critics... but from me it will be only good critics ! Because your blog is easy to read, you put nice pictures, your blog is pretty, and you're talented for sewing and knitting !

    So, my question are (and I hope you didn't write already write it somewhere u_u) : when did you started to sew for yourself ? Did it happen to you, once or more, that the clothes you were sewing didn't fit you or wasn't what you expected ?

  15. I don't have a critique. I like you (and your blog) just the way you are. I greatly enjoyed your adventures in home cosmetics, and I don't even wear makeup!

  16. That's a beautifully made cozy. :)

    I don't have any critique for you. I enjoy reading your crafting posts as they are a big inspiration and enjoyment to me since I would like to start creating even more of my own clothing. The only remotely "negative" thing I could say is I don't get to see enough of your beautiful artwork.

    My question to you would be where do you buy your fabric and are there any patterns that you like the best?

  17. I decided to enter anyway!

    So...I don't have a critique. I enjoy reading all of the various posts you do - it's not easy to write a blog about so many different subjects and still have a feel and flow, but you do it well. I'm not crafty or a "DIY-er" by any stretch of the imagination, but I love seeing your creations come to life here (though, at this point, I've been reading the backlog, so I've experienced them backward).

    (My day is not going well; my computer decided to shut down my browser the first time I tried to comment, and then I managed to comment on the wrong post. D'oh!)

  18. I love the wallpaper and banner (did you design that?) it's very Victorian drawing room. Likewise, your colour palette and font choice is elegant (leaving out the comic sans, which is the opposite of elegant.) That would be my only criticism.

    You have a great mix of information, the make-up tutorials are of most practical interest to me, though I love looking at the DIY things you do with clothing. When I try to sew things it looks like... Well, not what your pieces do. So I admire that sort of talent.

    1. Once my reply posted and the page refreshed I realised what I'd been seeing--Google Chrome was loading the article titles as Comic Sans until the page was fully loaded, which then showed the font as a more cursive, elegant font.

      Basically, Chrome is jealous of the elegance and is trying to mess up your mojo.


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