Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spooky Basket: Face Value-- Part 1

Yikes, a makeup post following a make up post; sorry for the redundancy but I felt like this took a little more precedence over an outfit post.

One of the hardest parts about moving to a new country is finding new favorites... favorites of everything!
Food, entertainment, and most of all products.
My mother has been a real gem, sending me care packages of some of my favorite make up and treats from back in Canada. But I really can't expect her to keep that up, nor do I want to burden her with asking for specific things.
Plus, I don't like waiting for anything if I'm desiring it; I am very impatient outside of my crafting and sewing.

Replacing my old make up favorites that are unfortunately commonly found in Canada and overseas parts of the world posed a bit of an issue; they were Annabell and Anna Sui. This has always been a source of high trepidation for me because I'm actually very sensitive to many products, but I love make up-- catch 22. So when I find products that don't make my skin rabid, I tend to stay quite loyal.
Then I heard the word on wet n wild, and became quite curious; boy their lip colors and shadows sure made me a fan but quick. We do have wet n wild in Canada, but their full range is easily found here in their originating country, and it's a far more mature brand than what I used to know when I was younger.

Based on my previous success' with Wet n Wild, I decided to give their foundation Coverall line a try.
I bought the powder and cream. Their concealer didn't receive enough raves for me to justify making a purchase, so I went ahead and purchased the most raved about drugstore concealer: Hard Candy's Glamoflauge, which comes with a pencil and cream. I'm not sure how, but I accidentally bought the concealer in light when I meant to buy it in the shade down from it. On a note about that, the difference between the shade I needed was almost insignificant compared to the shade I accidentally grabbed instead, so that probably didn't help the mistake... I was also in a rush because of my husband-- he hates shopping in any form. Regardless it's definitely pretty pale on me, and to think they still have a shade even lighter than it.

I wanted to give these products several days of trial before writing this review because I know these aren't the tippity top brands there is out there, so there was a lot of room to err. 

Here are the swatches on my arm; the swatches appear lighter than they are on my face because my arms are the most tanned part of my body.

Ok, so the concealer is the exception, I am normally a light medium so this comparison just looks silly and horrid! Haha. But it shows you how pigmented these are-- they're exactly what the package says: heavy duty.

The wet n wild cream foundation is like gold in a bottle, I'm not even exaggerating. It blends and builds so smoothly; you can even see how well the cream is blending into my arm which is almost 3 shades darker than my face. I can't believe it's only $3-$4 per 1 fl. oz. (29.6 ml). It easily bested, and transcended my usual Annabell SkinTrue. I did also notice the same thing others have; it blends really really well just using your fingers, or a damp blending sponge, but it doesn't blend as seamlessly with a  foundation brush... I found that a little weird, as well.

The powder is also a real gem, in that it can be used for full coverage or light/translucent, which I use. Although it's a pressed powder, it's quite loose and feels almost velvety; I'd like to say that it acts more like a mineral powder makeup than a mineral powder, but I only used one type of mineral make up in the past and I hated it... so my basis of comparison is askew on that. All I know is that if you use a powder puff and roll it on, the coverage is amazing, and if you use a face brush to dust it on, it works perfectly to mattify its counterpart.

My biggest gripe is the packaging of the cream foundation; it really sucks. The nozzle is too big, and is prone to exploding in large wasteful globs; it has already happened to me three times, which probably equated to half a teaspoon of wasted product.

Unfortunately, I'm not the greatest example of a person who uses full coverage, seeing as my daily facial routine has left me with skin I'm quite proud of-- thus I only use foundations and concealers to even out my skin tone and cover the occasional blemish. I did at one point suffer from mild acne before I began this regime of mine.
Anyway, I digress.

Here are some before and after photos using all the mentioned products:


My forehead and muzzle areas are significantly darker than the rest of my face, but I wasn't able to capture the unevenness as it is like in person-- I did attempt to increase the contrast a little in this photo, which in turn kind of helped to show my blemishes and some of the more darker patches. There's also a significant amount of redness on my cheeks, but that didn't photograph in at all.


I didn't use any product on my neck purely out of rush; I hoped to briskly convey the coverage, and now it just looks sloppy, heh. But from an analytical stand point, you can see that the blemish on my hairline and brow is successfully concealed... but as previously noted, the concealer is a little too pale for my skin tone, hence blending wasn't as successful. I used half the product on the lower half of my face, than I did my upper half; evening it out makes that much of a difference.

As a side test, I baited my husband into helping me out with this experiment, so that I could portray to you all the extent of the coverage this concealer gives.

Before and after
I only used make up on the tan line of his sunglasses, and a little more around it. Bare in mind, this is the absolute lightest coverage application (he was being whiny during the process) so a few more layers would've made it all just disappear... but he didn't give me much of a chance to try further.

To wrap up this already extensive review:

  • Highly pigmented color for the concealer, but it is easily blended (given the right shade)
  • It goes without saying, however it is one of the biggest pros; they are all super affordable
  • Foundation powder and cream build easily for full coverage; perhaps my husband will lend me his entire face to prove this, but it's easily seen on other blogs and vlogs. They're also fantastic for light coverage.

  • The tube for the foundation cream is highly prone to exploding; I knock it upside before opening it as a solution to this. This product comes out fast, so you don't need it near the nozzle.
  • There isn't a huge range of shades in either product; especially the Coverall. They only really offer very fair to just slightly darker than medium.

Next Up for 'Face Value' Part 2: My very recently updated facial routine.

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  1. I think you have very nice skin without foundation! That's awesome that your husband let you put makeup on him, lol!

    1. Thanks! I'm very proud of my skin, however I use foundation to even out the color lol
      I use so little of it, and people are surprised how pale I look-- I tell them that's what it would be like if it wasn't so uneven in color, hehe.

      My husband is such a champ lol... puts up with all my shenanigans! =P


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