Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Zen And The Art Of Organization

I'm a chronic sufferer of severe disorganization.
This is reflected in each and every aspect of my life, from prioritizing the importance of things (or lack there of, in my case), into how I stow my possessions. There is no order in my general thought process.

Taking it easy? I've never known the meaning of this idiom... except when it comes to money, but that's another monster I dare not confront just yet.
My current battle has been on going since Ms Misantropia announced her Whiter & Lighter challenge back in March. I took this very seriously, because my complete lack of order clashes horribly with my husband's un-diagnosed (and in denial) OCD... I mean, he flips out if the blanket is on its "wrong side" and doesn't sleep a wink until it's fixed, or if one of his shirts isn't hanging correctly-- god forbid if it is in the wrong type and color section.

But, I am deviating from my actual point.
It's safe to say that my disorderly conduct is one of the key causes to his, and by relation, my own absurdly high stress levels. I would like it to change because it would be nice if I didn't have to frantically look for something because of my mess.

I utilized the challenge as an excuse to finally formulate a proper plan of attack; I never knew I could be so methodical, which was nice. I took care of my sewing room for the challenge, and am quite happy to say that its never again gotten to the point it once was... there's still room for lots of improvement, however; my desk top fluctuates heavily from messy to organized, and so does my fabric stash.

A little later down the timeline, I organized my closet and vanity dresser, and also by relation, I organized my clothing which was always strewn across the floor, a shelf we have in the bedroom, and piled high instead of hung in the closet. It also stays relatively organized currently.

And now, I would like to show you all another moment of pride materialized as... 

An organized bathroom <gasp and awe>.

I took my butt over to the dollar store while I was out doing the shopping of the previous post, picked up several baskets, and organized all my primping gear. Finally!
Things sure accumulate fast when you're establishing your presence in a home, even it is has been about 2 years already...

This is how it looked like before.... yuck!

Digging through that silver shelf unit and underneath the sink revealed plenty of unwanted and overdue products and cosmetics. I didn't know I hoarded so much unwanted stuffs.
It doesn't look like I made a dent, but believe you me... it now accurately reflects all I have left.
Sadly, it's one of those situations where it's constantly being added to-- my mother is very generous, and every once in a while sends me huge care packages containing the latest Canadian cosmetics and things. Not that I'm complaining by a long shot, but it does mean I'll be reorienting the contents of this bathroom often-- it's the one area my husband nags me most about.

I found myself at a stand-still when realizing that shoving all my cosmetics into a basket won't resolve the issue because I'll just dump it out on the counter to find what I'm looking for, thus perpetuating the cycle of disorganization.
So, armed with a cereal box, an ash tray, a candle holder, and of course pinterest...

I turned this

Into this

And divided the misc basket with cereal box cardboard dividers

The glass tray now holds all of the most used items, and the basket holds the rest in a very orderly fashion.
The great thing is that since everything is neat, pretty and easy to find/access, I've been able to inhibit the habit of "chucking" it all into a pile.

Another step closer to zen...


  1. My goodness, what a pretty glass-thing you made! I want to make one, too!

    The difference a few baskets makes is truly a marvel. Husband and I both have that "oh, I'll need that later, I'll just leave it there instead of putting it in its proper place"-syndrome, and our fl... no, house, really shows it... Although everything has a place, nothing stays in its place for long :P

    1. And you could make it tiered if you so desire it-- I saw it on pinterest.

      It really is surprising what the few baskets did for my bathroom.
      The dividers help alleviate the "I'll leave it for later" thought process, hehe.

  2. I feel both proud of my (first ever) blog challenge, and a little responsible for causing you this "organizing related anxiety". But I have two important things to say about it:
    1. I used to live with someone like your husband, and we both found that talking about it and realizing our differences helped a lot. He was a neat freak who needed everything cleaned up and in it's place, and I'm more of a bohemian as-you-go-along kinda girl (who has a tendency to leave unfinished projects lying around). I told him that the things he felt needed to be tidy immediately (and constantly), he would have to clean up himself. The kitchen was obviously his responsibility. On my end, I cooked, baked and decorated.
    2. No woman can fit into a small bathroom. NO WOMAN. Period. Everyone I know who lives in an apartment has makeup, tampons, lotions, shampoos, towels, hair-ties etc etc falling all over the place. Not until I moved to a house with 2 bathrooms, and lots of storage space, did I understand this.

    1. Well this anxiety was bound to pop any time; it was bottle-necking since the day we realized we are polar opposites... which was about the time we moved in together, hehe.
      We work hard at keeping the peace and love between ourselves, and discuss our discontent as often as we can without the burden of being overly emotional. Since he works and supports me, I feel a responsibility to reciprocate those efforts into keeping the home in tip top order... that is until I find a job, in which case we've agreed that the job of keeping domestic order will be split between us.
      And you know, it feels good to be able to see my things organized; it feels as though I can think clearly, at times... heh, sounds funny.

      As for the small bathroom, I could not agree more, hehe. Small bathrooms really suck-- We currently have two bathrooms, but they're both the same size, and the other is being occupied by the cats things; all his litter, his litter boxes, and large canisters of food are in there.

  3. Stay on top of it, Madame MM otherwise you'll be in the position I'm in now, after 26 years in the same house! I thought I'd downsized - apparently what we have left will cost over $2000/month in storage fees while we're waiting to move into the new house. I still have a long way to go - in a month. :P

    1. Oh it's scary-- I thought I'd been living in home bereft of my presence... turns out, it was just the facade that lacked my touch, hehe. In every cabinet, and shelf lies the evidence of a woman prepared for the apocalypse lol... two, and sometimes three, of everything-- even the things I didn't like lol.
      It needed purging badly!

  4. I decided that I could do one room at a time. Got the bathroom cleaned up and in order, maintained that for a week before tackling the kitchen, maintained that for a week before tackling the closet.... it provides the eye in the storm, standing in that one tidy organized room...

    1. It's certainly what's happening I think-- I like to call it the "clean spot on the carpet" syndrome, heheh.

  5. Ahah, I'm exactly like you, my boyfriend's always reproaching me for my lack of order and he's not even an order freak XD when I was younger (and I can't say things have really changed... XD) the main reason for my fights with my parents was the state of my room. "Messy"'s the euphemism of the century... XD
    From time to time I get tired of all that chaos and I start reorganizing my stuff, and when I do it I'm really methodic, like I want everything to be tidy and every single item to be in its right place. The problem is, it takes me very little time to start to randomly throw stuff everywhere: and very soon my room is exactly the state it was before the organizing.
    At least I always know where my stuff is, despite the mess XD

    1. I was once the same, using 'catastrophic' for the state of my possessions. And I too had points when looking at the mess sparked me into a frenzy to clean and organize it, but also like you, it didn't last.

      The key, I'm finding, is not just to find a place for my things, but to also make it look nice and be readily available-- much like my basket of cosmetics. They have a place, but since they were just 'in there' rather than pretty and available, I strongly suspected that the cleanliness would not last-- just like the current state of my fabric. So I fixed it up to ensure I won't be inclined to dump it out.

      I still need to figure out this formula for other parts of my home, because my old habit feels like it's lurking just below the surface of those areas lol.

  6. I'm trying to figure out how to change my bathroom as's so messy! I want to find one of those over the toilet shelfs.

    Clever idea with the plate and candleholder :D

    1. Indeed, in small bathrooms that over the toilet shelf is a god send.

      Thanks, but it was not my idea-- I saw it on pinterest while looking up efficient and beautiful ways of organizing lol.


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