Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spooky Basket: Duping A Dud.

This may be old news to the make up aficionados out there, but for a fledgling lover of make up... I heard about this just a few months ago, and was fervently looking for a really good dupe.

Sigma has within its vendible a glove that looks distinctly like an oven mitt. Hell, if you didn't know any better, you might assume it was just that by looking at it... but it's in fact an aid to cleaning your makeup brushes.

Source: Sigma
I've seen enough youtube videos to be convinced of its usefulness-- despite what I'm about to show & tell you, I still secretly wish I could justify making the purchase of one...
It's listed at $35.00 US, on top of shipping that will round it to roughly $40 for the "brush cleaning" glove (aka oven mitt).
I have a hunch that a large portion of the payment is simply because of the Sigma brand name... otherwise, I don't think it would be so exorbitant.

The argument, or rather debate, about these gloves is that it is an investment; you spend a lot of money on good brushes, why not the products you use to keep them in tip top? And I fully agree, I would definitely consider this a type of investment... if I wasn't so damn stringy, and it didn't cost more than my entire collection of brushes (which, to be honest, was all ebayed anyway). They debate that you'll constantly spend money on replacing washcloths you might use to wash the brushes on, or you'll waste much more brush cleaning soap just using the palm of your hands-- on top of it being the less sanitary solution to cleaning.
Once again, I don't disagree.

Source: Secretlifeofabionerd @youtube
I caught wind of many dupes; the most popular DIY dupe being from a Secret Life of a Bio Nerd. It's a great temporary dupe. And that's the problem I have with it-- it doesn't last long in the hands of a person who cleans their brushes after every use; the glue begins chipping and lifting due to the soap and water... but perhaps it was the intensity of the type of glue I used... in any case, it's not a good long term dupe, though it is super crafty and creative.

Second dupe was buying an actual oven mitt with similar ridges and bumps
Source: Amazon

Now I like this dupe... a lot...
But I have yet to get around to buying one. If and when I purchase a silicone oven mitt, I will have to do a few tests and see if silicone caulking will actually stick to silicone, in order to create more ridges and bumps for cleaning the brushes.
I bet a tile version of the tablet with caulking instead of glue will actually be a fantastic long term dupe... hmm.

In the end, I think the best dupe for your buck is in fact a cellulite massage glove. Yup... those things that claim to work but really don't, so you end up donating them...
They're usually on clearance somewhere.
Well, after searching a while on ebay... I finally found one that for lack of a better word, fit like a glove. It had the right price ($2.99 with free shipping), and it had all the right ridges to that of the Sigma.

From this Ebayer: Verticalland

The only problems were being unable to actually pick the color-- which bummed me out a bit since there's a chance at receiving a purple one-- and it isn't as all encompassing on the hand like an actual mitt. Also the massager in the image in the listing is obviously bigger than it really is, but at least the description was quite accurate.

Look, it even has the wavvy bit that is used as the rinse out section!

So far, this has been exponentially better than what I was using before, which by the way was still really awesome; a silicone pot holder. And was a lot better than just using my hands (before the potholder).

However, since neither item offers the prowess of the shaping section of the Sigma glove... I had to bring in a helper: a beard comb.

A remarkable little tool to use in shaping out your brushes, not just for a man's beard... I think I like it even better than the section of Sigma's glove since I have more maneuverability than simply swiping between my fingers. It also helps the cleaning process too, eliminating excess soap that remain in the center of the brush-- you might be surprised at how much doesn't rinse out. It's also super cheap, and always comes with a beard grooming kit that includes scissors.

As a bonus, a good DIY brush cleaning dupe to Mac's brush cleanser is Enkoremakeup's recipe; I fracking love it. Not only can you feel the difference in the cleanliness and softness of your brushes (yes, even synthetic), but if you use The Aussie products and Dawn Lavender dish soap... my god, your nose will be in heaven-- at least mine always is when I wash with this. I love it much much better than the one I was previously raving about in this post.

And that's that; for those of you wondering, I clean my brushes after every use, since here in AZ it gets very dusty and hot. It doesn't afford me the luxury of just keeping my brushes out of their cases, where they will likely accumulate tons of bacteria from the heat. It's also a good practice in general to keep your face from breaking out badly-- my skin reacts badly to even a day old used brush.

Happy Shopping!

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