Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Homage To Paint

Can you sense it, dear readers?

The air is shifting, and the hours of dusk and night are ostensibly extending.
Fall is nigh, and my how the rivers of inspiration flow during such a time... as well as all the warm tea which is aptly, and copiously consumed.

Sure enough, since it is the very time many of us eagerly await, inspiration encompasses each and every one of my actions during such constant rapture from environmental stimuli.
Partly attributed to the fact that the days of my vacation are passed by only a few days-- maybe a week; I still haven't fallen down from bliss.

Still, there's a lot for me to be excited about; I brought home many of my possession-- many of the precious ones:
I brought home the ashes of my beloved companion Chico, to be with me as he should have always been, but sickness on his end kept us apart. I brought home my brushes, easel and a few canvas-- when the desire to play with paints engulfs my mind.

All this among other trinkets and things.
It's funny how it felt packing up, once again; I imagined, and felt like I had brought much more than what I unpacked... but, I suppose you can't ever have enough surrounding you of the things that remind you of a far simpler time.

And so, last night I started painting; the last time being a little over 2 years ago.
I steeped myself a cup of tea, sat myself in the living room and just started at it... nothing in particular in mind, but to create something with stripes, a baroque frame and a skull of some sort...

I made an error since the picture was taken, so the idea has since developed exponentially since last night.
Hopefully by the end I'll have something I am happy with to showcase for you all-- if not then this might be the last you hear of this piece, hehe.

I hope this fall season brings you all inspiration, and above all, motivation.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Skeleton Closet: There's No Place Like Home

Two nights ago I arrived back to the scorching heat of Phoenix Arizona from a two week trip up North in Calgary Alberta to visit my family.
It was my first visit in a little over a year since moving down, and it probably would've been much longer had it not been for the flight voutures my mother in law gave us last year.
We probably would've flown sooner, but many of the months prior to August were blacked out... but who's complaining-- we flew practically for free, minus a few taxes.

I brought home a plethora of goodies from my home up North-- mainly clothing and fabric. Today felt like a good day to fancy myself up in some of the items I brought from home:

The dress originally belonged to my mother from her earlier years; isn't it just darling? The upper bodice portion is stretch lace, while the skirt is made from an airy soft mesh material.
I had these pvc lace up boots since late jr. high/ early high school, as well as the beaded choker; they were items that should've originally came down with me in the first batch of items, but in my hurry to pack I placed them in a place I couldn't immediately find at the time. All is right in the world of my closet now that they're here.

The top hat is one of my own creation... sort of. I bought the plain top hat, and decorated it with a beaded lace trim around the band, a chiffon scarf, a feather and a brooch I had created just for it... but completely detachable. 

As I type this, I can't shake the feeling that my mere two week visit was just an elaborate dream. It certainly was not enough time to spend with my mother, let alone friends; I regret not seeing any but one of my good friends... but it was so short of a time, and I wanted to spend as much as I could with my dearest mother.

During the first few days they took me shopping downtown, going to China town for my favorite cool treat-- pineapple bubble tea with lychee jelly instead of pearls, and a serving of delicious spring rolls... oh how I missed it all.
My youngest brother and I visited my favorite candy shoppe in Dragon City Mall, and went wild with all the treats he and I used to buy all the time...


We found new flavors of our favorite chewy candies; the only ones available prior to the new ones were the strawberry and green apple-- quite tasty indeed!
Now there is a sour plum (top), coca cola (third), and strawberry cake (fourth)... sadly, we didn't much care for any of the new except the strawberry cake.

During the weekend we took a trip to Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It was spectacular visit, full of old memories I had when I was a child visiting all the wonderful things in that museum; I was quite happy to share it with my husband too, for it was his very first visit there.

Left to right: My momma, my younger brother, Me, and my husband.
Since my husband's mother now also lives in Calgary, we split the two weeks between my family and his, during which I had a very small window to see only one of my friends for a couple of hours.

We went up to Stephen Ave and had ourselves a drink and discussing life apart, and personal current events.

It's funny, because this was the first time she met my husband in all the years he and I were dating (a total of 8 years this Christmas), and I'm very glad that the two of them got to meet because two of the most important people in my life ought to.

It would seem that another visit during Christmas might become a reality... and I just can't wait!

What I am Wearing:

  • Dress-- my mother's, now belonging to me
  • Top hat-- decorated by yours truly
  • Boots-- Pleaser
  • Hosiery--  Dollarama
  • Beaded Choker-- Claire's

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