Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: The Crafty Spirit of Halloween.

It's almost mid October, and I'm feeling a little guilty.

I have spent more than my "planned" budget, but boy... there was some pretty awesome things I couldn't live without-- my heart was swelling with how many goodies there were, especially in Target. Lots of their paper decorations this year were very retro. I bought a paper bat, naturally... I cannot resit anything that was inspired by old timey Halloween.

I went in there to browse their choice of shoes, but the overwhelming goodness of all that vintage inspired stuff prompted me to buy a cheap pair of canvas shoes in order to have more for the Halloweeny goodies... heh.

They're not much to look at, in fact as soon as I got home I regretted ever buying them...
I was thought why oh why did I ever think I would wear a very plain pair of shoes?! I wanted to return them (if so I could buy more Halloween sutff)... but it's not a trip my hubby likes making, since it's fairly far away.

How opportune it was that my package from Joann's came in and revealed the answer to my menial plight. I don't recommend ordering from Joann's online unless you're really desperate (such is usually my case), anyway I digress, they usually send a sheet with inspiration ideas along with a couple coupons... since it's October, they're projectspirations are all based around Halloween.

I saw this.

Source: Joann's Project Inspiration

A lightbulb went off in my head.
Good idea, Joann's... good idea.

I had plenty of left over silver fabric paint from stenciling the images of my smaller throw pillows, and lots of enthusiasm to see this project through.

I didn't use their template but several slightly more anatomically correct references, and started chalking the outline immediately.

I got a little too excited to show just the chalked lines, and remembered by the last two toes that I needed to take a progress picture.

I didn't want to leave them as they were, with just the silver, so I detailed them a little with some black fabric paint.

Until finally, I could call them done... ish...

I still haven't decided if I wanted to paint in the heel or add some glittery bats... time will tell, but for now-- they're not bad, if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: My Confessions.

One of Miss Space Unicorn's recent posts was inspired by another blogger in an event of admitting your biggest "geek confessions". This got me to thinking about mine... I could and was about to post about them, like the fact that I love comics but I'm not fond of Marvel or D.C. , or that I was an insufferable (but good) ninja during my WoW playing days, or even that I prefer DOTA2 over LoL despite the fact that LoL has more characters and more maps...

But, you know, I haven't been doing a whole lot of either of those things since the start of October, and even a little before then (though I did resub to SWTOR this past weekend). I've been sewing... a lot. Not just the things I have been sharing, but many many other things. Sewing to the point where even I don't think I could stitch another stitch... but I keep on stitching anyway. So you know that all I have on my mind is sewing... even if I probably need a break from it. Part of the reason I resubbed to swtor is to give me a reason to step away once I find time this upcoming deadline (Thursday, phew!). 

So I figured, why not confess my biggest "sewing confessions"?! Things that I should be ashamed of, but continue to do anyway...

Onto the confessions!

You know when they tell you not to do this, because you could accidentally swallow one? Well, it's true... believe me, and I don't know why I still have this habit having nearly swallowed them many times before-- even one time recently, when I attempted to speak Klingonese while draping onto my dressform... I was caught up in the passion of a particular space battle...


I should be really ashamed of this one, because it's one thing I actively try to advocate... but the truth is, I forget to change out the needle in my machines more often than someone so loud about this matter should.


I am a night owl under normal circumstances, so this wouldn't be so bad... except lately I have been pushing myself beyond my threshold, only because I just want to be done. Another poor choice is the poor lighting I have in my room, so I try and not to sew during the night... but that's hard to do as someone who is normally most active at night.


Probably my biggest and baddest confession, I can't always be bothered to change the tension of my machine. Jersey? Chiffon? Denim?? ... it's set where it is, and unless my machine starts sassing me, then and only then will I tinker with it.

That's that. Shocked? Maybe? Not really? Heh. In my defense, I never had someone to teach me sewing etiquette... I just had my books and my wits.

Feel free to comment with your own geeky or seamster confessions!
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