Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: The People Have Spoken-- Simplicity 1459 Cont.

Well, I added all the votes in; the few who used the poll to those who gave me their vote through comments or verbally-- it would seem the sleeves have won.

I got it done on Saturday after binge watching Scrubs on Netflix; I finally have the dress that has been put off for nearly 7 months. In my humble opinion, binge watching any show facilitates the best sessions of sewing.

Simplicity 1459, or as I like to call it 'Dress Interrupted', is what I would consider an intermediate pattern. It has some fiddly bits; especially when it comes to the facings of the collar, the collar itself, and the sleeve facings. Overall, though, not a headache but a good and rewarding challenge. You'll definitely take a lot away to use in future sewing projects.

The instructions are pretty clear and understandable; I didn't read them all the way through, just the portion on attaching the collar to the neckline and facing.

Any alterations I have made were customary, and not for any major errors in the pattern itself. I shortened the length of sleeve and skirt in accordance to my proportions and did my usual SBA. After all this it came out exactly as the image on the pattern envelope.

My only complaints are with the notions it asks you to use; the side zip should've been drafted with an invisible zipper in mind, and I would have done it myself had this dress not already been in the queue for as long as it has. However, the lapped zipper does suffice, and it's only noticeable if you're looking for it. The pattern also has you using only two 1" buttons, but I much prefer the modesty of three 3/4" buttons. The lightweight interfacing for the facings are good, but to give the collar the extra crispness of a true vintage garment, you would need to use a heavier weight.

I also would've added more to it, like little lace appliques on the collar, but once again this was pending for too long.
When enough time elapses, I find it increasingly hard to give a project my 'all' and seek for it to end as quickly as possible so that I may continue with my latest obsession. You see, this is why I tend to finish whatever I am working on fairly quickly and precisely, because it's like I'm racing my own desires.
Yes, it is a pretty major short coming from someone who lives and breathes sewing... but what can I say, I have been known to be rather impulsive at times.

In the beginning, it was intended for a gender-swapped Beetlejuice costume, but since I neglected even the small details, such as the horizontal striping of his suit sleeves, it is now merely a 50's inspired cocktail dress that is very vaguely gothic-esque; as it is, the dress makes a very good dress to either "goth up" with accessories, or keep it simple and classy for more formal events.

Thank you to all those who gave me your "two cents"-- it is much appreciated.
And because I now want a sleeveless dress, my next project is locked in!

Spook ya later!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Simplicity 1459-- Running A Mock.


I feel like I barely have time to breathe!
Not that I'm complaining by any stretch, it's just that I can rarely bask in the small victories I've been accomplishing consecutively.

Consequently, it's been a great excuse to not fully commit to tackling those UFO's I've had lingering in a pile. A few weeks back maybe (?) I found myself with a stretch of days where I didn't have any orders or any binding to sew up... so I casually took to my Simplicity 1459 dress. Surprisingly enough, I was able to get passed the redrafting stage without any interruptions. I even got to the cutting stage!

I continued on it while I was work; that was my first mistake.
My colleagues had a gander at it, and immediately starting joking about the choices in fabric-- without first realizing it's meant as a mock. I chose the ugliest material I had available to me; admittedly, I have completely run out of muslin, and it's a good quality cotton... just not one I would immediately pick (or really anyone). I walked into that one.

As usual, we got busy again and I had completely forgot about working on it, and last week I had a chance to pick it back up. By then everyone, even my mother, was on board with the idea of this dress being one I should wear in public. Well sufficed to say, I was passed the point of saying 'no'.

So what began as a joke, became reality... 

My camera has died, and only today did I realize I had a very old but still functioning smart phone that I use primarily as an authenticator for my games-- remnants of a time when my hubs had a smart phone. Since then we've kind of banned them from our house; I am a flip phone user. It actually would've been nice to have had this realization earlier, as I was able to accomplish something that is as close to euphoria as I could ever achieve, but alas it wasn't for me or anyone I really know-- just a customer. Anyway, I digress.

The final draft came out surprisingly good. I did have to wrestle with it a few times for my SBA (small bust adjustments), because of the sheer size of the collar and the way it's supposed to lay. It's a good challenge.

The cotton I used is just a touch stiffer than the cotton I will use for my actual garment, so it has a few odd folds that I might tinker with. All in all, it's a passable redraft, so I might not. I think what I am most proud with this garment is the fact that everything (other than the thread and fabric) used in its construction was made during the 50's and 60's. A nice little side challenge to make things that much more interesting.

As for how it was received... well, let's just say I haven't blushed so much in a long while.
I had a little trouble styling it, but in the end I went with a milkmaid braid, some stockings (I was going to go with white socks, but it began to rain today), and flats. I wore one of my vintage velvet coats, and a little faux pearl necklace my mother had given me.

As darling as this dress is, I don't think I will be wearing it ever again-- it's just not my color. It was drafted from a size 16 (pattern size), and I have decreased the bust down to 34"-36" (what is typically around a size 14 in patterns) If anyone would like to purchase it from me please feel free to email me for price and any other details; lower price because the inside seams are pinked and faced with stitchwitchery, not serged. I would love to see this go to a home that will fully appreciate it.

With that out of the way, I am going to begin work on the final intended garment, which was to be the gender swapped Beetlejuice... but there's one thing. As cute as the sleeves are, I am half debating not adding them in... I request the aid of my readers, please help me decide! I will leave the poll on the side bar.

Until then!
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