Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: The Intro

Greetings fellow bloggers and blog readers.

It may sound odd, but I don't consider myself particularly dark and strange... in spite of this, the epithet Mari Mortem was coined by some folks I used to know and it simply stuck.

Like people pitted with the title of ghoulish and weird, I absolutely adore all things dark and strangely inclined when it comes to attire and similarly themed trinkets, but it's not unusual for me to display my fanatical type of love towards things regarded as kawaii or even mainstream; and I'm not about to go saying I'm ashamed of what I like.

I like what I like, and what I like is crafts, gaming, movies, sci-fi and Hallowe'en... You will very rarely see me deviate from these subjects on this blog. It's worth it to note that I like thoughtful writing, and though at times I can be very wordy, you can be sure that I make every attempt to instill my heart into every post and every word I lay before you; in a world where quick and easy is abundant and much ado about nothing and everything is gone, I'd like to think my corner is a place where those seeking stories about mundanities (to which my life has plenty of! Hah!) can find some solace.

If you're wondering about my sewing ability? Well, I haven't had any formal training or personal tutelage in the subject of sewing, a topic that seems to dominate my blog more than I really intend, but c'est la vie when you're passionate.
I taught myself to sew (and still yet) through observational deduction, books, and of course, the occasional online video-- this is not meant as a boast, more so an embarrassing admission to what is likely a mountainous task of undoing the profusion of bad form I have inadvertently garnered through the action of becoming self taught.

I do hope you find inspiration here, in the blog of your neighborhood eccentric archetype!

  • My designs and many photos (unless otherwise noted) are my intellectual property, please do not copy without my explicit consent-- I share my designs in good faith.
  • I am not a professional; my advice is not scientific fact, it's just very simply and dangerously my own opinion. Use any advice written herein with your own discretion. I am not responsible for any negative consequences made by your choices.
  • I don't currently sell my items; if an item is for sale it'll be noted somewhere near it. As such, I don't take custom orders, but I have been known to make exceptions from time to time-- so just email to ask!
  • I am currently open to writing sponsored reviews. However, I would like to keep the overall theme of my blog rather consistent; if it's gothy or is vintage inspired, I shall consider a collaboration. Bear in mind, my reviews do not always guarantee glowing recommendations to my readers.
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