Friday, June 28, 2013

Skeleton Closet: Tentatively Barefoot

One thing I love about other blogs' outfit posts is that they're almost always different from the next.

Back in Canada, I probably could've done the same-- I had mountains of clothes and footwear to choose from.
These days, I am finding it harder and harder to formulate an outfit for Skeleton Closet... quite frankly, it's bare bones in my current closet (badum-tss!). My shoe rack is especially sparse... I think I've worn all the shoes I have more than twice already in my current posts.

Without becoming redundant, and also because it's different-- I went barefoot this time.
I know... blasphemy.

I also noticed two exciting things:
1. I am currently 5 readers away from 100
2. July 22 marks an entire year of blogging

so you know what this means...

Whichever one I get to first, it means a giveaway! And boy this one will be a good one, I promise.

This time it'll be more goodies over candy-- my first was mostly candy because it was for Hallowe'en, and you can't do a giveaway on Hallowe'en without candy... it just doesn't work like that, in my book.

Let's just say I have a few favorites I would like to share with the winner...

What I am Wearing:

  • Skirt: Self-made
  • Top: Thrifted
  • Corset: Louise Black
  • Necklace: Self-made
  • Barefeet!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Polka-Polka, Polkadots

It's time for the Professor's Homework Assignment!
This month she asked us to base a post around polkadots; one of my favorite fabric patterns... perhaps my only other favorite aside damask. Polkadots isn't limited to just fabric, for example many have already posted polkadot nail art,
But for the sake of doing what I do best, I will stick with fashion... with a twist of the past.

Once upon a time, a young Mortem (pre-highschool) took it upon herself to draft her very first pattern! And it just so happens I still have the result of such an endeavor. The article in question is:

This skirt.

It's not just the dots that are relevant, but the fact it is about to be a little over a decade old; made by the hands of 14 year old me. I must admit I'm surprised how well it held up, considering I was no more than a novice then.

The real question is whether or not it still fit... 11 years is a long time, much has definitely changed. So, it occurred to me that this should also be a BatFit sort of test, to see how much I have changed in that time.


Not much at all.
To my shock and awe, I didn't have to do any squeezing or sucking-in to put it on. Since I have so very few pictures of myself when I was young (it really means none), I decided I would dress and do my hair (more or less) how I used to in the latter part of my babybat years.

The ensemble would've included purple fishnet or stripped stockings, that I currently don't own anymore. Also my hair wasn't quite as long back then, and I usually wore pigtails... yeah, I know. 

I honestly can't get a grip on what style I once was-- it wasn't fully goth, though I adorned myself often with skulls and bats. I wore an extensive amount of color in the past, and made a transition to purely black, lace, satins and velvet over the years as I grew.
Perhaps one day I will stumble upon an old photo of me wearing this exact skirt those many years ago...

And what would a polkadot assignment be without polka music?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Skeleton Closet: Marking The Occassion

With our 1st year wedding anniversary not more than a few days behind us, and my birthday coming up full steam; my hubby, in all his sweetness, ignored the throbbing of his tired feet and legs, and took me out for a day full of fun the following day after his return home.
I have this stinging inclination to boast about how much he went through, only to go through some more on my account... but I'll just leave it with, I'm a very lucky gal! My actions are not without gratitude, of course...

Edited to add:
My birthday isn't that soon! But I thank you for the early wishes nevertheless. It's still in June, but since the month is flying by it'll be right in front of us more than quickly, heh. He combined the two occasions because I don't think there will be a chance to go out like this when my birthday does come around.

Anyway, as promised, I shall reveal the outfit I was to wear for our celebration of one year of wedded bliss that I spent it planning and sewing during my week alone:
The fact it is very lolita was nearly unintentional. I guess I imagined it more "cute halloween addict", than "halloween lolita"... which if you really think about it, there's not much of a distinction between those two ideas...

The neck bow tie is not originally drafted into the pattern, but with an itty bitty teeny weeny bit of savvy, I added it in there. The skirt itself was drafted by me from the memory of one I once saw; it's a tad wrinkly... it was a long drive home!

This was also a chance to bust out my knee high pumpkin socks which have barely seen the light of day because I don't didn't have an outfit that suited them well enough.

What I am wearing:
  • Blouse: self-made
  • Skirt: self-made
  • Socks: dollar store
  • Shoes: local flea market

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Hurly Burly

My hubby left on Friday, and since then I've kept my mind and hands busy in order to prevent any negative thought from emerging.
Alas, I crafted my hands into a coma...

Yesterday I spent the night nurturing a crippling episode of carpel tunnel, but thankfully it happened only minutes after I finished my intended projects. 
Today isn't so bad, as you can tell from my typing this post, but I'll be taking it easy.

Sunday was my 1st wedding anniversary; it was spent celebrating as well as one could do on her own: sewing, of course.

Finishing the final "piece"
I made an entire outfit to commemorate this somewhat joyous occasion, but its final showcase will have to wait until I can put it on and celebrate my hubby coming home. For now, let me whet your appetite with the reveal of the mock up of the above pictured piece.

I saw this skirt... somewhere. Being unable to locate the original, coupled with having zero money to purchase it, even if I did... I thought it would be a nice piece to recreate from the vague memory I have of the skirt.
The ties are long enough to come forward or stay backwards. The final product will have a lot more lace, and of course it will be black. I might add some white lace to this mock up... then who knows what will happen to it, heh.

I made yet another blouse from the same view I've been using in pattern 6078, but I added a little extra touch to it so it'll match up with the skirt. I know, I keep making these blouses! I'm currently obsessed with them-- this is the last one... I think. Probably not... but hopefully the last one you'll read about.

Anyway, aside from all that, I took a look at my most recent candy find and realized I could upcycle the tin instead of just having it jingle around just for the pleasure of how it looks.

I bought a mini sewing tin from China town during my visit in Vancouver a year a go. I purchased it because it was the only sewing kit I've ever found with a tiny pair of scissors with black handles. I had this sugar skull left over tin of mints that I bought at a place called It's Sugar during my visit to Phoenix last month for my brother-in-law's graduation.
I pulled a switcharo on the tins so that my travel kit now suits my tastes. I added in a couple extras; a tiny wood spool of black thread, a spool of purple thread, and a stitch-remover.
These tins also come in a white skull, or pink-- which I completely intend on buying before too long.

P.S. if you haven't seen Frankie's tattoos, have a closer look in the older post about her here.

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