Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monthly Homework assignment: Things I can't live without

A meme started by The Dancing Maenad in which we list inanimate things we simply cannot live without.

This is quite difficult for me to keep short since my sanity requires a lot, sadly... I wouldn't call myself A.D.H.D. but it's been suggested by some doctors I've consulted that I try medication to soothe my easily frazzled nerves. I am very reluctant in taking mood changing medications-- and so my quest for peace of mind leads me to the things I cannot live without...

1. Music
My mp3 has seen better days.
 Music is as important to the mind as water is to our bodies. So naturally, nearly everyone who makes up their list has it on there. Music helps me in my most horrid of anxiety lapses, and I constantly need it if I am venturing out anywhere without someone or meeting new people (I hum music if I couldn't pop in my mp3 in a situation).
It has certainly been a fundamental part of feeling normal for me, and is number one on my list.

Busy minds stay out of trouble

2. My crafting supply

Another way I keep anxiety at bay is if I simply preoccupy my mind away from the troubling source. I carry at least one of many small, easily packable objects and projects. In the picture I've included: a pair of knitting needles & ball of yarn, a crochet hook, an embroidery loop, a pair pliers, french knitter tube, tatting shuttle, sewing needle, my notebook and sketch book. (not shown: my gaming handhelds, travel sewing machine, travel sewing kit and beads for beading). But really I cannot imagine being without my craft room in its entirety.

3. Moisturizers
 I am consistently battling with this portion of my personality; always on the edge of panic.  I cannot function peacefully if I am not properly moisturized, body, hands, lip and eyes. Add to the fact that it must smell nice to me, or I will still be slightly antsy.

And finally...

4. My make-up bag and all its contents
This is the last item because in all honesty I can live without it, but it's still important enough that it's one of the top things I must pack.

So there you have it.
The things I cannot live without.

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  1. :) Thanks for participating! MUSIC is key!


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