Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: The Art of Bones

The night before last night, not a mouse was stirring, but the creatures were out!

I felt so inspired by a leaf and how its veins reminded me of a spine, that I felt like drawing a spine in a frame. I tried to make it art nouveau-- not sure how much I succeeded, but I'm quite happy with it nevertheless.
I scanned it in then digitized it with filters and whatnot!
Primp and Proper!

Le original pencil

Making this into a digital piece really inspired the need to revamp a couple older artwork, and bestow new life!

I call her Darling Marie


  1. LOVE this!! It's so much fun to draw spines, ribs, skulls and such. Anatomical type stuff. You have a very traditional style of drawing, which I'm envious of because my style tends to be really scratchy and messy =D I like how it turned out all vintage and aged. Excellent job!

    1. I think you're being hard on your work-- the grunge look is very appealing, and the best thing about art is that it only gets better with time.


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