Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm; Tattoo Ruminating

I've been wanting a tattoo for quite a while (don't have any), and there are various things I'd love to live with but just can't for the life of me decide where I'd want them so that they'd be easy to hide if I was ever placed in a corporate situation.
I'm really keen on the idea of having a large and ambitious back piece, however.
I quickly (and badly) sketched out the general idea of what I wanted to do, some time ago:
Rather poor sketch; but you get the idea.

I had to photoshop the pieces together because it was a rather large drawing to scan in; and I'm not pleased at all how it scanned, on that token. I based the wings on another drawing I saw, but since lost the document and the website was apparently shut down.

I wanted the skeletal structure of the wings anatomy to be on top, which can hardly be seen in the picture. It would tie in the bird skull inside the frame-- in my head everything would be more elaborate and realistic lol.
I wanted the piece to be really dynamic, too, like a real moving work of art. A friend has shown me the perfect example of the kind of movement I looked for:
Not sure where she obtained the photo
The tattoo itself, I did not associate with anything deep or meaningful-- but it's something I relish in the thought of growing old with. It combines every aspect of aesthetics that enraptures me, and I hope that someday before too long, I can see it to completion.

I've also been very fond of art nouveau themes, and lithograph prints of bats, death head moths and deadly botanica.
But since the above will encumber much of the good space on my body, I am faced with a tough decision on size and placement. I have this idea of having a small art nouveau stylized lithograph print of a moth on the lower left corner of my lower back.

It is likely that the moth will happen sooner than my ambitious tattoo, since I need to gauge the tolerance of pain for tattooing. In all honesty, I almost don't care with how much I would need to tend to them, because I love the idea of having them.

All this has brought to light a troublesome thought, however (somewhat on a different topic)...

Last night I had an epiphany; what is so "goth" about liking bones and vital organs. Why is liking inner physical beauty any different, and looked down on to add, than liking someones eyes, smile... or breasts?
What makes loving the features of a bare skull more morbid than liking someone's rear end?
Just because I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of our inner machinations I am considered dark and weird and cliché. Would views change if I went to study anatomy, and wore jeans and a pink t-shirt and frequented starbucks with my study group? Would it be normal then?

Just food for thought.


  1. I think your sketch is really good, and would certainly be enough for a good tattoo artist to use as a starting point for a final design.

    I love the idea of a moth as a tattoo too; much nicer than a butterfly!

    I get the same issue about people thinking I'm weird and morbid. Apparently being Goth makes my interest in funerary ritual and Victorian cemeteries unhealthy... I felt I had to apologise to the other members of the cemetery research group for perpetuating the stereotype =P

    1. Truly, moths are much more elaborate and intricate and puzzling little critters.

      That's really a shame that you should feel that way-- you should never be apologetic about who you are, and it's frustrating that it happens sometimes.

  2. That is not a poor sketch. You have talent! I think it would make a pretty tattoo.

    1. Aww, well thank you =)
      I'm always self conscious about my drawing abilities because my proportions lead a lot to be desired. Ah well-- as long as the artist can see a general idea of what I had in mind, it's fine.

  3. That is a great sketch! I can't remember where I read this but there was a study that showed that when it came to tattoos women were able to tolerate the pain better than men, which I thought was interesting.
    There's this blog that I read that does a post called 'Tattoo Tuesday' where the author interviews other bloggers about their tattoo experience. She currently has those posts on hiatus for the summer but you can read through the old ones. You'll get a lot of different tips and perspectives, since you are looking into getting tattooed.

    1. I heard the same as well!

      Thank you for the link, those are great to read =)

  4. As a lady who has quite a bit of tattoos (and my husband is an tattoo artist), you are on the right track! Having an idea of what you want is key and I think it's great that it reflects your personality and interests.

    People are under the misconception that every tattoo has to mean something (those stupid tattoo shows *shakes fist*), but if like it and can wear it forever....then it MEANS you like it! HAHAHAHHA!

    Good luck on your tattoo adventure :)

    1. Thank you!
      It means a lot that you who have many and a husband who works at it, fathoms why I just don't associate my tattoos with anything lol

      I always get those "looks" when I simply say I love it just because.

  5. i love reading about others tattoideas :D

    1. Me too!
      I love knowing if any thought went behind it, and such


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