Monday, August 13, 2012

Monthly Homework Assignment: Purses and bags.

It's that time of the month again!

The Dancing Maenad's  assignment this month was bags and purses we own.

Currently, I have in possession 2 important ones from my collection.

The first is the most important of all my bags present here and not; rife with sentimental value:

The Rammstein Bag

I bought this in the first year I was ever considered a "baby-bat". Rammstein's music was the catalyst to eventually dressing to suit the way I viewed fashion. I wore this thing everyday for years and years, till I needed something smaller not so long ago. Many bags were bought, made, and sold, but this one stayed long and true. The straps were held down by plastic clips and when those broke I used rock-climber clips to fix them. It has so many pockets I used it for my everyday and to carry my books during school. It literally held all the trimmings I ever cared about in my life. The lower patch came in the mail along with a neat Rammstein card and wicked lighter with three settings and a compass with 'Rammstein' spelled out in it, for all long standing members of the Fanarea for christmas-- it's bloody old and I have since canceled my membership... though the member only forums were filled with so many awesome people, and every so often we got to read a blog by 'Flake' the keyboardist of the band. I have seen Rammstein live twice, and one of those times was right in the front row-- just mere feet away from the stage.

In fact it may still be one of the most expensive accessories I own, even after all these years.

The Mini Back Pack

Probably the most plain bag in my collection would be the bag that came after the Rammstein bag; my mini back pack:

There's nothing particularly fancy about it, and other than it's myriad of pockets and the things I added there is nothing else of note. I keep my make-up, phone, camera and whatever small thing I need to carry around for the day in it. In fact the most sentimental thing on this is the little flogger keychain-- which was given to me  by a very special friend whom, like me, vanished off the face of the Earth after Jr. High and can't seem to locate her to get in contact.

Other Bags that aren't with me, but back at my mother's with the rest of my things, are (with example links):

-Kit Cat skelanimal bag (I put a spike collar I made, on her)
- Panda back pack (I put some pin buttons on him)
- Satin beaded clutch purse (the link one is not exact, but mine was almost the same; mine is black, but instead of silver accenting beads they are heliotrope colored, and the rose in the middle was a 3D satin rosette with a bow-- other than that mine was the same)
- Velvet drawstring purse I made which I decorated with lace and beaded details.

I didn't intend to forget these ones, but the move was so hectic they just fell off my radar.

I have plans on making:

- Another velvet, lace and bead drawstring purse
- A fully finished with lining and all, coffin purse
- A medium sized boho bag using exquisite wine colored crushed taffeta (if I have some left over after my projects, that is), lace and black satin

Like I said, over the years I have bought, made, and sold many bags-- and I'll continue collecting and creating!

I made the bat plush and the tiny skull keychain-- I needed some cute on my bag, hehe.

He's all brand new in this picture! 


  1. AWWWW! You made the batty! I LOVE THE BATTY! LOVE! :) I really like little, baby backpacks -- I find them so much easier to carry than purses ... though I don't use them at all. Hmmm ...

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I know, even though I made him I still squee over him. I love bats =3

      Truly, I love them so much! I always have my hands full or need to touch things where ever I go, so a backpack or otherwise long strapped bag is a must for me so I don't fiddle with pulling the straps up.


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