Friday, September 7, 2012

Spooky Basket: Thrifted Retro-nista

For many of us, shopping thrift is a complete addiction. The heady smell of thrift shops entices the thrill of the hunt, and the ecstasy that consumes us when we find those really great pieces at dollars and cents is exhilarating to say the least...

Ah thrifting... an inexpensive, but fun way to spend the day shopping.

A couple of days ago I spent the day with my neighbor for dollar tacos and then following up with thrift stores. In my town, I didn't expect there to be a whole lot going on in the way of clothing in the thrift stores-- I have found several really great books that are now happily restored and sit in their places on my shelves.

Boy was I glad to be wrong.

That day I picked up some truly great pieces for a whooping total of $9.15. The highlight of my small but lucrative purchase equals the sum of $3.75!

The Polka Dot Dress

At a whopping $3.00, this little slice of retro awesome could not be overlooked-- the minute I walked into the shop it was staring me down from a wall display. I had to have it-- it gives me a huge reason to wear beyond my monochromatic wardrobe habits.
The label is from "Rare Editions"... a quick google yielded the website:
It's apparently made for little girls, but it fit like a glove-- so I guess that means I have the figure of a young girl-- I guess having little breasts can be somewhat of a good thing *rimshot*

Anyway, it is flocked polka dot organza, and the trims and bow are also velvet. A cute studded buckle sits in the center, and none of the gems are missing. It is in such immaculate condition; I just adore it.

The Shoes

Probably the best, and most inexpensive of this haul are the shoes.

I have been coveting a pair like these for what feels like years... but in fact may have only been a couple of months, hehe. The brand is New Port News, and I was completely shocked at the pristine condition, but mostly for the fact that these beauties came in relatively my size. The company's sizes must run small, because they fit superb for a 6 1/2 when I normally wear a 5 to 6 narrow.

You ready to know how much these were?! ...

.75 cents!


I have one other piece I was proud to haul in but not showing because when I bought it I had a plan to reconstruct it; that'll have to wait till a Creepy Craft Crusade!

P.S. the necklace is self-made, of course, not that it's really all that impressive! Just strung beads =P


  1. Omg, those shoes! *_*
    I mean, the dress is great, I love red and polka dots, but those shoes! In perfect conditions, and for a few cents! I can't believe it. Plus they're perfect with the dress! And they have such a retro/vintage vibe; they can go with pretty much any outfit. Such lucky finds, wow!
    (In case you haven't read my email yet, I'm going to do the payment on monday morning ;) (which is sunday night where you live, I guess, so you should find it in the morning :D)

    1. They were an amazingly lucky find, I'm very proud to have been able to come across and snatch them up!

      I did read your email and also received the payment-- you'll be getting an email response!

  2. Woah that is such a good score!!! I love the ...everything! I love everything!! It's nice to know someone else who fits in kids clothes as well heheh

    I really need to go thrifting. It's been a while.

    1. Yeah my petite size works in my favor... once in a blue moon lol
      Most of the time I have to bus out my sewing things and get to work on refitting nice pieces.

      Oh believe me, I was jonesing for a good buy to make me feel pretty; and I found myself with $40 in my pocket so it was time for a day out lol

  3. Thrift stores always wake up the little magpie inside me. It´s amazing the kind of things you can get them for just a couple of coins. Sometimes, I think people is crazy, cant stand how they can delete some stuff away. But ey, their loss, our win.

    I´ll take this opportunity to warn you about something that you may be interested about. I´ll be organizing a give away in my blog these days, so stay stunned and good luck :)

    1. It really is amazing what people decide to give away-- it makes me really wonder what they decided to keep! If their tastes reflect what they gave away, they must have some real awesome treasures. Alas when I give things away, it's mostly because my style has evolved and I care not to revamp it to keep it.

      I'll keep an eye out on your blog! Thanks for letting me know =)


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