Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Guts, Goo, Gore... and Neighbors

Nothing brings people together quite like Halloween; it's the unsung hero of holiday cheer.

In the past couple of days, I spent my time hanging about just generally enjoying life with my two neighbors.
On Thursday, I spent the day out with one neighbor and her child at the Petrified Forest park. She has such a wealth of information that changed my entire perspective on the park during the Triassic period, and its critters.

I snagged some really great photos onto instagram, but my favorite photos are the ones I took with my regular camera:

A beautiful raven perched and posed as I snapped a few really great shots; my finger was not quick to snap when he cawed, but I was nevertheless happy with what I got.

Today I spent what I consider to be the best way to relax with my other neighbor; good company, good food, pumpkin carving and a classic halloween flick: Candyman.


We attempted a kitty-in-a-pumpkin-shot, but Poe refused to look at the camera...
However for viewing satisfaction, we lit them up and I became trigger happy with the camera.

I carved the skull, and my neighbor carved the other two.
In all likelihood, I'll be adding more to my pumpkin-- I wanted to add tentacles...

We also ate candy as we watched Candyman... didn't find any razor blades, thankfully.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! You are lucky to have such nice neighbours! I like the sound of the petrified park, I would like to see it one day! I also want to carve some pumpkins, maybe next year, no time right now! Plus I am clumsy, I expect some bleeding hands when I do it. But that's halloweeny, right? :P

    1. I feel really lucky to have such wonderful and accepting neighbors; as such I want to spend as much time around them as I can.

      It would be halloweeny to have blood on it; I can only imagine people's faces when you say that's actual blood! I find it amusing... others may not.

  2. Nice job on the skull carving! I have to admit, I don't really miss having to get the pumpkins ready for the offspring to carve - terribly slimy... :P

    1. I love the slimy bits, but in my home it's usually under control and not on sticky fingers that like to touch other surfaces, heheh.


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