Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spooky Basket: Last Haul of the Year

It feels as though this October was a mere whisper of what it once was in the past years; maybe it is because less and less people are inclined to celebrate Halloween ... or maybe it is because I live in a substantially smaller area than previously...

Either way, most of the Halloween treats and awesomeness have almost disappeared off the shelves and been replaced by Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper.

I've managed to scratch away with a couple items from the halloween discount piles; other items were gifts, and items bought in the last haul before this.

What I bought:

  • Glow in the dark ribcage shirt
  • Bat window decals
  • Spider inside purple goo in a coffin box
  • Bat bandana
  • Spider web and candy corn fabric
  • (Not shown) jack o' lantern socks
What was gifted:

  • Skeleton couple
  • Owl with dead tree glass ornament
  • Spider floating candles
My hubby passed the gifted items to me, which were anonymously gifted to him at work: we have yet to be able to thank who gave him the gifts. I plan on having the decals on my craft room window all year long; they're corny, I know, but I fell in love with them.

I bought the fabric intending on making a tie on bustle, but then the idea of knee length bloomers popped into my head... now I'm not so sure which I should do first; I have four yards so I'm assuming I have enough for both!

 I wanted to wait till I have tried these out sufficiently, but I bought a 120 eye shadow palette and a 16 piece brush set off Ebay for a rocking price. I was a bit wary of a purchase of this type from Ebay, but both ended up being well worth the risk! The pigment is true to what it shows-- in fact these are what I used to create my inner spooky child look.

The brushes are super wicked; the bristles are a purple gradient, the handles are deep sparkly purple, and the case is a shiny vinyl purple. They're very soft and feel of very decent quality considering the price.
Both totaled $21.05, with free shipping.

On its way is a beauty blender sponge that I also bought on Ebay for $1.89 with free shipping-- I'm just a tad bummed because they sold out of the purple color, but it's not like the color for this is hugely important, it just would've been nicer to have.
I'm really starting to love Ebay as much as Etsy.

Alas I think these are the last items I will be purchasing for the rest of the year... there's no point shopping when the things I love only come once a year for a very limited time. Clothes aren't as hugely "urgent" a buy as Halloween goodies since I can eventually make it if I don't end up buying it, in most cases.

Is Halloween in your area dying or absent? How do you cope with the loss of neat goodies?

11 more days left to enter my Halloween Giveaway!


  1. I went to Home Sense this weekend - one piddly shelf of shopworn Hallowe'en stuff left and yes, the Christmas ornaments have already taken over! We're going to go into Hallowe'en withdrawal in another eleven days... :o(

    1. It really bums me out =(
      Already I feel the itch... but I must resist the urge to continue onto Ebay; if not for my husband's sanity, than for our wallets sake!

    2. A bit of advice from one who's learned the hard way ... don't make purchases on eBay at 2:00 a.m. when you can't sleep. It's never good. ;o)

  2. Halloween isn't so big in Australia. As far as I can see, we get a lot of kitsch, and not a lot of nice stuff. Dusk did have some amazing candles, which were out of my budget. I used to have these cool plastic skull lamps that were made of this strange material that was beads of plastic stuck together, so it looked kind of like diamonds. Hard to describe. The batteries fused the first night, but the skulls without the lights still made great decorations. I wish I still had them. They were a bit corny, but still great!

    1. That's a shame that you do not have them-- they sound intriguing.

      It also a shame that more places do not celebrate Halloween, but I can understand why they may not; it's hard to integrate new traditions!
      So my question would be, how would you go about attaining a Halloweeny fix?

  3. I like some of the stuff Target has this year, alas I have next to no money this month for extras (this always happens, I swear!. I am already seeing Christmas stuff as well. I may buy presents before December, as I see things I think people would like at a good price, but I will be damned before I will even think of buying Christmas stuff before then.


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