Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spooky Basket: October? More like Stocktober

Woo hoo!
The blogosphere has already begun counting down, and as usual, I am fashionably late (I see it that way, at least)
Yes! It's October, and all of us are scrambling to finish up those finishing touches to whatever it is we may be planning or making.

It's around this time of year when I wish I won the lottery.
My October started as all October's start for me: lot's of temptation.
As the goods started invading the shelves of every retail store, so did my basket become a little heavier at the checkout.
This is the best and worst time of year for me because there is very little to hold back my impulse from the awesome-overload, yet it's a time when I feel most at peace-- and no, it isn't because I can indulge my material obsession with skulls and bats easily... but that particular story is for another time.

For now I will oblige my insatiable desire for Halloween kitsch, and offer up my latest Halloween haul.

 The Items:

  • Bath & Body Works Halloween Bat pocketpac with 5 bottles of Halloween themed sanitizers
  • Scentsy 'Fright Night' wall plug in wax burner
  • Solar dancing skeleton
  • Sugar skull keychain
  • Skeleton tights
I bought the tights and pocketbac along with the bottles off ebay; as you'll notice they're not the newer versions... but the bath and body works is too far for me to visit, and the deal was exponentially better on ebay than if I went there, spent the gas and then bought this set. Plus I ran the risk of not finding the bat, since it seems it is the most sought after.

2011 bottles-- bat eyes light up!

The tights people have told me are sold at wal-mart, but I couldn't find them-- however someone on ebay was selling them for $2 with free shipping so that also out weighed the retail cost + travel gas.

I bought this burner from my friend who is a scentsy consultant; here is her personal scentsy page.
I use these quite a bit-- maybe more than I use incense sticks, and I love this one so much more than the others I have-- the white moon is highlighted when it's turned on. This one is a wall plug in, so I use it in my bathroom... which will one day sport a halloween theme.

I found this solar dancing skeleton at the local dollar store-- Poe loves to watch it dance almost as much as I do!

Not really Halloween, but Day of the Dead; my awesome neighbors gave me this keychain-- it matches the magnet skull I bought a few months back.

And if you haven't already guess from one of the pictures... I have a new fur baby!

His name is Poe, and he's just as charming as he looks.

What are necessary things you must own around Halloween?


  1. What an adorable kitten!
    I always look for housewares, things I can use during the year. This year I've bought a spider doormat from Michaels, kleenex from Target and napkins from Walmart and plates & serving utensils from Fred Meyer. If you have a Target near you, you HAVE to get their kleenex this year, it is beyond cute.

  2. So cute <3! He's adorable in the first picture :D.
    Autumn's a bad season for my wallet too, there are all the new collections in the stores and I just can't help at least having a look. And having a look leads to buying stuff :D! I'm lucky I don't like skeletons and bats or October would give the final blow - by the way I find your tights and the mexican skull lovely <3

  3. ooooooh such a great haul - and your kitten is cuteness overkill <3 sooooo adorable :)

    Love the dancing skeleton *thihi* its so sad that in Germany Halloween-goodies are so hard to find...

  4. Poe is adorable and what a great name for him! Ahhh October kills me because I just want to buy everything in sight...

  5. YAY for Halloween stuff!! I was just going to post about my new Pocketbacs as well! I love your new kitten, he is just adorable!


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