Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skeleton Closet: Tricks And Treats-- Outfit Post & Halloween Giveaway (CLOSED)

This week has started off on a really good foot and just kept going. On Monday I received in the mail the long awaited Mr. Unlucky Jack Skellington shirt that I have been causally searching Ebay for, for the past several years since losing the bid those years ago. It was on Buy Now and that is exactly what I did-- and for much cheaper than I had originally seen it go for. On Tuesday we took a trip to town and I brought home  some halloween goodies!

I got a chance to wear the shirt today when going out with a friend for lunch, and was able to bust out my long skirts, tights and boots since it was a generously cool day.

Also today I was actually able to do my hair in a manner that resembled a style! I went with a pretty simple milkmaid braid style; of course knowing me, I had to youtube a tutorial on how to do one easily.

I didn't need to curl my hair, since it is already very curly on its own.
 These are my results, topped off with one of my favorite hair accessories; a hair flower band!

I kept it relatively messy looking to maintain a casual look. I may have to look into finding some purple stripey ribbon to try that weaved-in look. This hairdo literally took 2 minutes it's super easy; even for a novice like me.

Halloween Giveaway! (CLOSED)

So now comes the portion you've all been waiting for; time for a real treat.

 Up for grabs is a pumpkin tin filled with goodies for a random commenter/follower of my blog.
It is open internationally so anyone, anywhere can follow and comment for a chance to win it.

What you'll win:

  • A handmade acrylic skull and purple pearl bracelet
  • A handmade hair flower band
  • Two spools of Halloween ribbon-- black and green stripes; black and white skulls
  • 3 Halloween note pads-- pumpkin, witch, vampire
  • A skull and hearts 100% cotton bandana
  • A handful of Halloween candy


Good Luck, and happy Halloween/Samhain!



  1. I love when hair tutorials start with "curl your hair" as if my hair needed any help with that. Also when they are direct you to secure hair with a bobby pin and they use 1 pin. It's like Ha! I don't care if it is just the very ends of my hair, 4 pins will barely be able to hold it.
    But I could just be envious because I have super thick hair that even now doesn't seem long enough to do anything with (and even if it was it won't last more then an hour before collapsing under its own weight).
    I like that Jack shirt, I can see why you searched for it for so long.

    1. Heh, this took a total of 8 or so bobby pins to hold in decently; thin hair is nothing to swoon over either. It's tough to get the amount of volume so many styles call for; it hardly makes the effort worthwhile in the end sometimes. But because my hair is so long, it allows for a little more freedom for interpretation lol. This one seems completely doable with shoulder length hair.

  2. I love the Jack shirt, too and it looks so cute with your skirt and boots! :o)

    1. Thank you!
      I wish the photo would also do the skirt justice-- it has such a neat texture and mesh on it that is lost with the contrast of the photo.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I finally received the necklace, that it's amazing and that I posted a picture of it in my last entry ;)
    And I'd also like to participate to the giveaway <3!

  4. Looks good!

    I thought that vidoe was funny where it said to take a crochet hook to rough up the hair for a "softer" look. My hair will fall out of anything I do with it on it's own, I don't need to help it!

  5. I love the long skirt and your hairstyle! Very cute!

  6. Cute hair! I keep cutting my hair too short for braids, I need to let it grow long enough for more styles.

  7. All I have to do is comment? Well, well, well, those prizes look pretty nice (especially the bandanna and bracelet). ;) If only my hair were long, then I could achieve this look. I'd really love to do a rib cage braid though.

    1. Rib cage braid? It looks like you'd need more arms than Shiva to credibly pull such a intricate hair design off. x)

  8. I wish I could do such things with my hair...but it's too weak and thin. Damn those genes...:P

    I guess I have the same t-shirt, but in a brownish - yallowish color scheme, and not in purple. I bought it at a local alt store...anyway, it's just fun to note! :D

  9. Ey dear! I just realized about yor cute give away now. The bandana and bracelet are really charming. And where did you get the notepads? They have a glorious vintage look.

  10. Definitely count me in for this give away! There are some seriously cute stuff in there=D
    Love your shirt! I adore anything that is Nightmare Before Christmas, it's my all time favorite movie! The other day I was in Hastings and they had these adorable Jack and Sally plush backpacks. I couldn't help but hint to my cousin that my birthday was coming up lol I desperately want one. Or both! haha

  11. Personally I prefer your take on the hairstyle. In one photo it looks like a braid, on another it looks like a french twist, so two for the price of one.

    Also I really like your outfit. I can see why you looked so hard for that shirt, its really cute.

    Do you plan on doing a diy on that hairband at all once the giveaway is over? Perhaps could you just mention what material it's made out of?

    My fingers are crossed for all those adorable goodies! :)

    1. At Micheal's they have packs of petals, on Halloween they have them in black; with snippets of tulle cut into petals you sew them all together and hot glue them onto a headband with a piece of felt on the bottom to secure onto the band of your choice; then stitch around the felt piece into the flower for more reinforcement.

      It's a very basic design; but if enough people wanted it, I could whip up an actual tutorial with photos.

  12. I love that hair style, it's my ''I need to get stuff done get out of my face silly hair'' favourite updo!


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