Sunday, January 6, 2013

Freakshow Films: Deliciously Short

It takes a distinguished person to create a movie, but it takes a truly unique individual to make a story come to life. Sometimes, the movie doesn't even have to be hours long to become something special...

The movies I am about to mention are what I consider works of art; pieces that need no verbal explanation of how great they are. Instead I will simply ask that you sit and watch for a few moments...

The Scree by Paul McDermott

Zero by Christopher Kezelos

The Legend of the Scarecrow

If you liked the work of Paul McDermott and Christopher Kezelos, I urge you to watch The Girl Who Swallowed Bees and The Maker.

Please feel free to comment with your opinion, and perhaps some suggestions for other films!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these! I will put them on my watch list!

  2. The Maker is my favourite. Every time I watch it, I get a little teary! :o)

    I'd never seen The Girl Who Swallowed Bees before - it's pretty good, too!


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