Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: FeBRRRuary.

February is supposed to be the coldest month for us Northern Hemisphere folk; I remember the teachings of my Jr. High school teacher as she'd patronize the entire class of 14-15 year olds with the spelling of the months... fantastic art teacher, though-- just wasn't cut out for general studies.
This hardly has anything to do with this post, mind you, but I'll never get rid of her raspy voice as she exaggerated the *brrr* in February. I suppose in a way, February is the artistic month of the year-- when it's far too cold to wander about outside, and the crafting room looks far more tempting than usual during this dismal windy cold.

I've decided that this month I will follow a plan. I consider this part of my personal therapy; snatch myself out of my seemingly perpetual funk-- it's likely this town that is inducing such malaise (which I do think I complain much too often about, but you really need to live here to know what I mean).
Because of the extra effort I am taking to keep busy, my blog has been receiving less and less attention, and I've been falling behind with all the photos and projects that are begging for posts. In fact a few of these projects are underway already-- one of these has a completed counter part (the skirt for blouse, for example!). The last one might take more time than I allotted myself... double knitting is something I hear can be a little dicey, and if lace knitting is any indication of the comparison of difficulty, than perhaps I better brew my "mood" tea before I begin...

In the next post I shall post the entire process of the blouse which was finished, but not shared.
The first thing I will tackle is: The unicorn hood! Similar to the knit cat hood in style, but instead of cat ears I'll be knitting horse ears and of course the the iconic horn.
I'll be knitting it for a friend and neighbor of mine-- I'm super excited about the yarns I have picked out!
I'll be using a very soft and fluffy baby blanket type white yarn for the base and ears, and the most wonderful yarn of all; a purple, blue and green shifting yarn with hints of glitter for the horn and hooves! I was debating if I should add a mane, if it'll even look good... This project is casted on, and I've completed several rows but it's not yet worthy of a progress report.

Later in the month I'll work on the high waisted bustle and finish creating the skirt for the blouse (pattern drafted and ready for cutting).
I have all the trimmings I need, and the most decadent of fabric for both-- can you guess which one is for which?

 I have some other projects that are not mentioned on my list, but those are ones that I'm not as thrilled about as these-- small projects and favors, you see. Still fun, nevertheless!

I hope everyone has had a good first month of the year! What did January look like for you, and how do you foresee your February?


  1. Black lace and purple damasked fabric *_* I can't wait to see what's coming out of them *_*

    1. The purple damask fabric was such a wonderful find! I adore it so much and can't wait to get started on the project =D

  2. Looks like you've got lots to do! On New Year's Eve, I made this big list of stuff I wanted to start getting done.....then I proceeded to get sick for 3 and a half weeks! ARGH! It's so easy to get behind on things.


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