Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: "Hmph" Said The Bat

The month has been creeping by slower than I could possibly tolerate.
Unfortunately, just days after my last post, I became a bit sick.

Gallstones-- hooray. <rolls eyes>

Having to actively monitor what I eat, how much I eat, and when I eat, before I receive the surgery has become such a drag...
It's a hurdle that feels much like weaning off some drug I was addicted to... I am definitely not happy if I don't get to eat whatever I damn well please... but such is the life of a person who disregards structure in many senses (most cases without intent)... including healthy habits, much to the dismay of the loved ones.

You see, I found myself in this predicament purely because of how seldom I actually eat; not how badly the foods I eat are. Ordinarily, my meals (when eaten) are highly balanced-- meat, grain, veggies... the whole deal. But I have been indulging myself in high fat meats in the past months; pork and beef. And since I am genetically predisposed to gallstones, this caused my system a bit of a shock and thus gallstones were formed and now causing heaps of pain.
It's not entirely my fault-- that is to say, my budget for groceries is quite strict, limiting the amount of proper ingredients I'm able to purchase... and as of late, the price of chicken and fish has been sky rocketing out of control at our local grocers. They seemed to have raised all their prices, matter of fact...
They're the only supermarket within a 40 mile radius, sadly, and lets be frank... their "fresh" food is never the freshest; the veggies go bad within days of purchase, and you ought to watch their dairy because they're always trying to foist off their past dues to an unsuspecting poor devil.
It happened to me twice... the last time was a very bitter and chunky guava yogurt drink-- I was looking forward all day to my treat that I simply forgot to check the date; the time of purchase it was already 2 days past due. At least it was only 2 dollars...

We bit the bullet and bought the exorbitant chicken and fish so that I can have some joy during the most eventful part of my daily existence... I can't and won't live on just salad-- I absolutely refuse to. I have always refused eating what cannot provoke a positive emotion from me, and salad in every form has always been at the tippity top.
But you want to know the real irony? Whatever power saw it fit to do this to me dealt its final blow with a sinus cold. So not only can I not eat what I want, but the foods I can eat... I can't taste. At all. For a few days now...

So, here I am, typing this obnoxiously long post with nary a positive point so far...
You all deserve at least one... let's see...

I made this thing in a bout of frustration at seeing the bathroom so tremendously cluttered with my primping gear.

Or at least I think I was frustrated at the mess... it could've been just the catalyst and focus to my frustrations for the former subject.
It is made from the junk I have lying around the house; a box, and a few random containers (tea tins, and Parmesan jar)

I simply traced where I wanted them to sit on the rectangular box, cut it out, placed the jars in and taped the sucker up with masking and duct tape.

And so ends the jumbled display of heat styling tools upon the bathroom shelf... next step is de-cluttering the rest of the bathroom. The tea tins give the added bonus of not having to wait till my flat iron or curling iron cools down before I can put them up.

Mind you, it's not going to remain undecorated-- I wholly intend on doing so, but at the moment I haven't found trimmings that fill me with gusto. One absent feature is certain, however, I am going to put a couple strips of magnet so I can store my pin curl clips in an orderly fashion.

... funny... I don't even know how to use these tools properly... they're purely for experimentation and attempts at doing my hair up in ways other than a pony tail or side braid. Hmph.


  1. Uuuuugh, I had a gallstone in college (just the one, but it was a big sucker). Worst pain imaginable, and I couldn't eat more than about 5 grams of fat a day or it'd get all angry and try to kill me.

    Pro tip- ease back into eating fats after you have the thing out. Your liver makes bile slowly, and your gallbladder saves it up for when you need to digest fats all at once. Once that's gone, your liver will still drip bile into your stomach, but that slow drip won't be enough to handle something super fattastic. You won't digest the fat. It'll just keep moving. Ahem. Yeah. It's about as fun as you can imagine.

    1. I had a large attack at the beginning of this-- I was told it was pain equivalent to a mild heart attack. I can't imagine how much a larger one attempting to pass felt like... the very thought fills me with pain.
      I am quickly learning what makes my gallstones docile, and what makes them angry little green savages.

      I intend on a complete lifestyle change after the surgery. I'm thinking that since I am already reshaping my eating habits, that I could with some normalcy keep it up afterwards... if only to keep any similar pain at bay.
      I'm just so used to not having to worry about what I eat... it's very frustrating in itself.

  2. What a great idea! I love that the use of metal tins means you can put away hot implements!

    I hope you can have surgery soon and get rid of that pain!

    1. Thanks, it comes quite in handy for the impatient as me ;)

  3. So sorry to hear about this sweetie! I do hope you get better asap. I am sure you´ll find the way to fix up your daily eating habits soon, and hopefully that will work.
    Tons of love and sympathy from Spain.

    1. Oh yes, I do hope I can keep it up as well... it's a bit tough for a soul that prefers to fly about on a whim.
      Thank you =)

  4. Gallstones sound horrible. It's caused by too much fat?

    1. They're little balls of cholesterol that collect in your gallbladder due in part by extremely fatty foods, of which I am deeply fond of to treat myself with. When bile attempts to pass in order to digest these highly fatty foods, these "stones" get caught in the ducts and causes the immense pain one feels.

      In some cases, they're formed when one forgets to eat regularly, and then chooses to dine on high fats... which is my case.

  5. Gallstones sound very painful :( I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Indeed, the worst pain I've ever felt... worse yet than student nurses digging around for a vein that bleeds. Heh.

      My inner elbow is STILL a bit bruised.

  6. My friend (in her 60s) had gallstones - 2 surgeons said that she would die within 3 months if she didn't have emergency surgery to get them removed. Being a metaphysical soul, she decided to go to a naturopath instead ... they put her onto olive oil and lemon juice - the gallstones dissolved naturally and haven't bothered her since. She's now 70 ;)

    1. I am conducting research on the subject! I was hoping it was true, and not some hokey ploy to make someone suffer through the pain of drinking the two plus Epsom salts.

      Plus I really want to avoid surgery if I can... the pain is bad, but paying that medical will hurt a bit more, I think, heh.

  7. Oh, that's smart...I need...no, my bathroom needs something like this in too, I'm happy I can still find atleast the washing machine in that mess! :P

    Gallstones ARE horrible and painful...I hope you'll have that surgery asap, get better and if you do, eat something really dealicious to celebrate it! ;)

    It seems, all the little, local grocers who don't have any concurrents in the area tend to play around with expiry dates; My mom has the same problem in the village she lives, so she rather does one or two shopping trips per month to the nearest city to fill her fridge...it's so sad, really.

    1. My husband complains all the time that I need a vanity table... because my makeup, and all the things used to primp are strewn every which way in our itty bitty teeny tiny closet-like-bathroom.
      We technically don't have counter space, so I have added wall shelves... but they're still overwhelmed. So I plan building more of these containers; things need their respective spots, or chaos reigns, hehe.

  8. Ohhhhh nooooo - gallstones? I eat just like you do - live on coffee until late in the afternoon, and then it's all Fat Fat Fat. Maybe I ought to smarten up before it's too late! I hope the natural methods will work for you, and you can avoid the surgery, Madame MM. :o)


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