Friday, November 22, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Stitch 'n Heal.

I should've known that, that one day of peaceful tranquility was the proverbial 'calm before the storm'
Since my previous post, the pain of my gallbladder grew exponentially, and when it was apparent that nothing I was trying was working I decided to make the call to the general surgeon.

In less than a few days, I consulted the doctor, and promptly received the procedure on the following Monday.
It was the only surgery I have ever received, and nothing frightened me more than being "put under".
I heard people say you don't dream while you're under, and I felt comfort in that small notion, that my brain couldn't possibly be conscious on any level...
Well, I don't know whether it was during the actual surgery or in the mere seconds during wake up, but I did dream...
Let's just say it was a very unpleasant dream that I wish I could forget.

I've spent the past couple days before yesterday in bed, unable to walk without agonizing in pain from the stitches in my abdomen; this photo was taken by my wonderful hubby who took the week off work to care for me.

With the time I spent laying in bed, I spent it honing in my double knitting and loom knitting skills.
The projects I completed are meant as Christmas gifts, so I won't be able to post pictures of them until the receivers have opened them.
I made a couple hats on my loom utilizing a raspberry-like stitch.
And a wall hanging on needles that was initially meant to be something of a much much smaller scale...
I think the needles I used were far too big.

Sneak peek of double knitted project.
I was quite surprised to find out that I didn't have removable stitch markers, and with this pattern I certainly needed their help. My dearest husband brought me the wire and beads I needed in order to make the ones shown-- and for extra fun, I decorated my row counter in the exact same stuff.
I'm searching for the perfect bat charms to add to the loops at the bottom of each marker, but they work perfectly. I made 2 sets, 6 markers for 6.5mm and lower, and 6 markers for 10mm to 6.5mm.

I'm in the process of fashioning myself a travel knitting tin containing all I would need during those long drives out of this town; hours from anywhere of note.
I'm waiting on a pair of TSA approved scissors from ebay, and I shall be complete and ready to show and tell.

Verticalland @Ebay


  1. At least you are on the way to getting better now. Stitches are the worst, make sure they leave the pressure bandage on long enough and you put some silicone anti- scarring cream on the cut once the stitches are removed so you don't get a scar! (Sorry, I don't mean to scare you but I wish I had been told that earlier with my removed mole).

    I like the stitch counters, but how do they not get knitted into the pattern? do you remove them from the needles as you go? Are those gryffindor colours?

    I like the little caption on the mini scissors :P

  2. I never had surgery (thanks God) so I can't imagine how distressing can it be.
    However, I am sure it was for the better and you will feel great soon.
    Get well darling!
    Lots of love and support :)

  3. Oh Madame, that sounds very painful, I'm sorry. At least it's out of you now. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. Sorry to hear you're poorly. Being ill is never fun, and with pain, it's a million times worse :( Hope you'll heal quickly and easily.

    That double knitting looks really nice. Haven't tried that myself, but will surely look into the technique :)

  5. Aw, sorry to hear about your surgery :( It's nice that you have a skill that gives you something to do while you're resting.

  6. Okay, first of all you must have been amazed, coming from Canada and all, that you were able to get the surgery that quickly! I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon, and maybe you can resume consumption of those foods you love so well. ;o)

    Maybe you could share that double knitting technique while you're up here - it sounds interesting!

  7. Those markers and the row counter looks so clever and cute. I hope you recover well, good that your husband is at home with you as the good servant. :)

  8. Wow, at least now you're done with it, I hope you'll recover fast and well. :) I've never had surgery and I've never even been 'put under'; I had a skull injury a couple of years ago, the doc had to stitch me up on the back of me head and even though he was cheerful and joking, it felt so weird that I wished I wasn't awake, but frankly, being put to sleep on the surgeon's table, drifting somewhere between pain, nothingness and dreams - well, at least that's how I imagine the feeling - is a way more scary thought...:)'ll be fine, especially with such a loving hubby taking care of you! ^^

    Your stitch markers are fun, I love you personalise your tools. :) I wish I could do such gorgeous needlework, it's always a pain in, we don't gift big and expensive presents for Christmas anymore, just something small, but personal, which is actually a lot harder to find...and if I could do needlework, or draw or if my family members would actually wear jewellery, or anything, it would be so much easier...right, I wrote a whole new blog post instead of a comment, so sorry about my rant! :D

  9. I was so scared when I had my first surgery, I was afraid that I would never wake up.

    I hope you feel better now :)


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