Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: The Cute Edition-- My Other Side Mrs. Hyde

Or would it be my Jekyl side?

In any case, there is one side of my personality that often makes people scratch their head, because it is so unlike everything else to my personality that sometimes it's as though I live two separate lives... I've often wondered if perhaps I should've went with a different pseudonym, something along the lines of "Professor Jecky & Mrs. Hydie". But anyway.

I love Japanese kawaii. 

I blind side so many people with this confession.
Sometimes the two personalities get along and you can see it coming through on some projects. Most times, it's just so different that it appears so uncharacteristic and confusing; it is difficult creating an identity when you love opposing trends.

For some time now, my mp3 player has gone untouched by any of my two tastes; it remained as it was-- boring and plain. I figured the best place to start, was the part where most people first notice you're even listening to music... my headphones!
Since I frequent Pinterest almost daily, finding ideas to personalize my listening gear wasn't all that difficult; plus I already had an idea of what I wanted to do.

I discovered the DIY project of wrapped headphones (not the only video/tutorial to teach you how to do it-- it is trending afterall) --with the bonus of being tangle-free. If one knows how to make friendship bracelets, then one knew how to wrap up headphones; not a bad way to kill some time and feel productive.

Well, they were finished fairly quickly and they look really nice... but, maybe if I had only used variegated floss, as I've seen with others, it wouldn't feel so incomplete still... but what's done is done, and now I was faced with the nagging feeling like there needed to be something added.

One day, on ebay (uh oh), I came across these...

Bought from Bestdealinthebox @ebay
And I thought, 'how perfect and cute!'
I could buy the headphones and use variegated yarn on them instead!

But alas, when I got them they weren't better or even equal quality than my sony buds, and to top it all off, they were too big for my itty bitty ears. Let's be honest, though-- what was I really expecting for just $2.00?

Knowing that, the next step didn't really fill me with any trepidation as it would if any of the two pair of buds were pricey.

I suppose you know where I'm going with this now, eh?
I figured, since the solid purple wrap was already done, why not doctor the bears onto the old headphones...
This leaves the potential for many other little bud decorations, such as fancy buttons; since they tend to be shank buttons, you could always cut the shank off with flush cutter pliers.

Super Glue: when you're in a pinch!
I am sufficiently pleased with my headphones now

When I finally trade in my buds for over the ear headphones, then perhaps I'll finally get to use variegated floss.

Next step is to create a new strap and maybe a case...


  1. This is so lovely!!! And I have a weakness for Japanese Kawai more than I´d like to admit :P

    1. Well I'm glad I'm not the only darkling to love it! Hehe.
      I was half in, half out about making this post... =P

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!
      Hopefully my next pair will far exceed in cute and pretty, heheh.

  3. I did basically the same things with the audio and power cords for my mp3 player in my car, but it was less about looking cute and more about them being unequal lengths and having to wrap the excess around my gearshift, which was janky looking. The two extra feet became a lovely hanging loop, all of it covered in chenille yarn, alternating teal and peacock variegated. I guess it's that time of year!

    1. Ugh, that color sounds too beautiful...
      I *really* wish I had used a variegated color-- I was hoping to one day find something with purple, teal and pink hues... with maybe a splish splash of glitter in the weave. Too much hopeful thinkin?

      It must be that time...


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