Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spooky Basket: Adventures In Wishmaking

Huh, I don't believe I've ever made a wishlist post on my blog...
...No I don't think I have...

I'm sure that "retail therapy" comes to mind when you're feeling confused and out of luck, but since I can't actually buy anything at the moment, I am surprisingly content with just hoping for it.

Truthfully, my actual wishlists consist primarily of items with a purpose, like sewing tools, kitschy but informative how-to books, computer hardware... that sort of thing.
I generally buy whatever trinket, movie or game as whim carries my desire at the time, so there isn't really a time I can linger on the feeling of wanting it.

Is it me or does my text read a little more poetically when I'm feeling blue... just a weird little side thought...

Anyway, onto the "window shopping" (and in no particular order...)

1. Sewing treadle jewelry music box.

I collect jewelry music boxes. It's yet another weird little obsession I have-- what can I say, I love the creepy little music of each one, especially the slightly broken ones. So when it comes together in the perfect marriage of quaint and whimsy with my love of vintage sewing... you know I'm all over it. I don't even care that it received bad ratings.

2.  Singer Featherweight 221.
Source: April 1930
Speaking of my obsession with vintage sewing...
If I had to choose one thing to be the #1 item I wanted, it would be this, without hesitation. Exactly like this, with the filigree face plate and all (which is really hard to find). Isn't she a beauty? I haven't met a sewist yet in which this wasn't on their wishlist somewhere. Buying a used one isn't actually that expensive... but the cost of restoration and finding all it's original feet and attachments does bump it up into wishlist-hood.

3. Fantasy Travel Posters

@ Byebye, Robot

I adore the National Park vintage travel posters-- they offer them at the park where my hubs works, so every time I go into the gift shop, I'm always so tempted to buy all the post cards... even though I've never actually visited most of them. Luckily, some gloriously talented and awesome people were thinking along the same lines as I was, and I promptly stumbled onto these awesome fantasy travel posters after a very quick search. The first ones I discovered were from this illustrating company Ster-Kinekor, and it drove me stark crazy that they don't actually sell these posters-- argh! Minas Tirith would've fit so beautifully with our LotR decor goin' on, and it's actually something I could be happy about when it comes to the precious. I also really want that Overlook Hotel one for my room... but gah, blast it!
I was happy to find some Star Trek inspired ones later on-- so now I'm not so down about those other ones. Ah Risa, now there's a place I (imaginatively) went to with much more gusto than Minas Tirith...
And if you're feeling a little more old school, there's always Cestus III!

4. Bodum "Le Pot" Tea set.


I think people can easily guess why exactly I want this set from the watermark... but if you haven't guessed, and you didn't follow the link, it's the infamous cups in which Cpt. Picard usually has his tea, earl grey, hot, in...
My brother found one cup and one spoon at the thrift store that he gave me (and it really is freakin' awesome), but I think it would be even more spectacular if I had an entire set. I love niche items that are really only obvious to people who follow such things... like the whole travel poster thing, and cushions... and yeah, you get the point...

5. A Skull Area Rug

Source: Unknown (please help me locate it!)

I want this one in particular, but the source evades my searches...
Its begun haunting me, just as that fabric has been constantly haunting me. It's everything I look for in dark, classy but modern decor. I just may take up rug hooking just to give myself the chance of actually owning it... how hard can it be?! It's like, what, 5 colors at the most? Heheh.
...I wonder how well it would vacuum...

Alright, since my rambling pretty much made this a huge post, I'll stop there... but this was fun. I might actually do it again, *wink*.

Till next time, ladies and gents!


  1. Hah, my family had that Bodum set a long time ago. Of course many Swedes did (since this is where they come from). I will keep an eye out for you next time I'm at a flea market!

    1. That would be intensely stupendous!
      I've searched high and low, and never seem to find an intact full set.

  2. That rug is mindblowingly awesome and I need it too!

  3. Great list! That shiny black Singer is the hot rod of sewing machines. Funny that it's called "Featherweight"... it probably weighs more than my car. ;) Not that it's a bad thing! It shows how much our perception of "quality" has changed.

    1. It's every sewists dream, I think. Every time I hear the clanky sound of its gears moving (unlike the whirr of my mostly-plastic computerized machine), I get a warm fuzzy feeling... and an intense desire to make it mine someday lol.


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