Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: The Galactic Existential Crisis

During the last month or so, I was collaborating with a friend from High school; she came to me with the desire for custom made costumes to attend the Calgary Comic Expo this year.

I was reluctant at the time, as I usually am when people approach me to make something for them; I have exponential commitment and focus issues, so I tend to pardon myself from most anything of the sort. But y'know, I grew tired of turning people down, and she caught me at just the right turning point in my way of thinking... so what the heck, I committed to making her a costume! I figured if I can complete this, I have a an inkling of hope yet to start a clothing business.

It first began with one costume-- I should say, one part of one costume. She requested a wonder woman costume, but with a vintage Airforce twist. She told me the only thing she wanted from me was the corset, so I sketched a few ideas and she agreed to a concept. For a brief time, I was meeting the drafting and mock up deadlines after the decision had been made.

During the process, she came to me yet again with another idea, for yet another costume. She wanted a Storm Trooper pinafore apron.
I began feeling that ol' reluctant feeling again, but this time for different reasons... my inner Trekkie was screaming 'NO'... but my heart and my mouth spit out 'okie dokie!'.

I did some research into pinafores and sketched a concept which I haven't come upon in my searches; I have seen darth vader, and I have seen trooper helmet on the apron, but not the suit completely adapted.

Yeah... so, after I sketched this, it turned out that I was super proud of the concept...
She was pretty excited about it, too.

I found feelings within myself that couldn't possibly come from a self-proclaimed Trekkie.
The worst part about it, is this costume didn't give me as much grief as her first request... it was easy, and painless.

I was making it completely from scratch; I had no pattern to really work with, I was just piecing it together when I could find the time to work on it. I made small templates for the side "flaps" and the breast portions, but only to keep proportions right. I honestly don't know why this felt so right. Scary.

Of course, when I finished, my room didn't quite appreciate the spontaneity of its construction...
To think, I'll be moving in a week, and I have only made matters worse in my sewing room.

But here it is! And yes, the pride is still very present...

The back pack was actually an after thought (sketched in last minute), and it was supposed to be a mini... but it turned out to be bigger than I had really intended. It's supposed to mimic that detail on the back of a troopers suit. The shapes on it are also reversed, which I noticed after the fact...
Well, at least the straps are fully adjustable!

I've been working on so many Star Wars related things, I have started suffering a geeky existential crisis...
Just a couple weeks ago, my husband came to me complaining of back problems due to his computer chair, and asked that I make him a cushion. It came to no surprise that he requested it in Star Wars fabric...

At least I got to bomb his Wars happiness...
For a self-proclaimed Trekkie... I am sure making a lot of Star Wars related goods.

The things one does for love and friendship...


  1. Storm trooper meets Alice in Wonderland!

    1. Now that you mention it... it is a lot like that! Heh

  2. I think if you ever did start a clothing business, you'd be very successful. That is one Trek-tacular cushion.

    1. Well, I'm thinking someone would need to manage me, I am still not very good with time management, but thanks for the sentiment!

  3. As one self-proclaimed Trekkie to the other, it's fabulous. Even tough it's Star Wars related...well, alright, I must admit, I like them both. Just like I like both Marvel and DC...I never quite got the thing between them...o.O
    Anyway...back on trek, you did a great job on the apron and I hope we getto see the Wonder Woman corset too. You should definitely start your own clothing business! :)

    1. My husband and I always seem to bicker about the two, and we take playful jabs at each other when we can-- for working on all the star wars stuff, he's been poking fun at me for being a closet Wars fan, hehe.

      For me, the thing between them is the lore and characters. If I took Star Wars for face value, without going for books or other supplements, it makes little to no sense to me. Characters, to me, a more than a little underdeveloped and sometimes I found contradictions that I just couldn't suspend my disbelief for. Whereas if you watch Star Trek TOS and TNG (without even needing to touch DS9, Voyager or Enterprise), it still has flaws but for the most part, questions are answered and no character is so underdeveloped that you can't identify with.

      The only character I could identify in the least with in Star Wars is Darth Malgus, and that is hundreds (maybe thousands, I think) of years before the war-- I don't even remember if he was even mentioned in the 6 movies.

      And yeah, I can get really into talking about the two... heheh.

  4. I don't think it's unTreklike to take pride in good work, even if it is from another fandom.

    1. True enough! Still, it's more ammo for my hubby, and I hate giving him free reign ;P

  5. I think I am more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars one, although I haven't seen all of Star Trek by far! That is a great design!

    The Trek crew on the TV screen seem to be looking down disapprovingly at the cushion, hee hee! :P

    Great work!

    1. I have a few friends who are on the fence between the two-- my hubby likes to joke that I'd be a sith because I deal in absolutes just the same =3
      Really, it's just a fun little rivalry between my husband and I-- we're never so serious in it that it would cause a real fight lol.

      Right?! The show had been paused in the back, he had just come home from work and I gave him the cushion-- it was the perfect moment.

  6. Nothing like taking on some big projects right before a big move, Madame MM! Nicely done! ;)

    1. Heheh, that's usually how it goes, right? Though, in all fairness, I was obligated before the move XD


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