Friday, September 26, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Seasonal Winds... and Blankets.

Last week we've endured quite the rainfall.
It rained for days straight, sometimes light but mostly just heavy, and as much as I enjoy a nice rainy day, a storm that lasted this long is not a welcome occurrence... I tend to start feeling the gloom of a rain that lasts for days.

Thankfully during the past couple days or so, the sky cleared up and today revealed itself to be one of those days so gorgeous that not even the rudest person could bring me down from the overwhelming tranquility.

Though the sun is still shining, the days are noticeably shorter and cooler-- because of this, my crafty thoughts have turned to my knitting, and well... sewing blankets.

I figured I might as well show my quilt top, as I don't think I'll be getting it quilted any time soon, since I'm not willing to settle for anything less than spiderwebs and bats.

I spy a little curious shadow...

For the briefest moment, I was able to lay this completely flat on the floor and take a decent shot of it, because usually it's like moths to the flame...

Lay anything large enough on the floor, and this happens like clockwork.
Each one completing a ritual of stretching before inevitably settling down to block your view. You can set your watch to this.

I admit, I am a little anxious that I can't quilt this right away, but I am loyal to my work and the people there so going to someone else (unless it's another friend) is out of the question.

Omitted myself from fussy cutting the orange blocks on purpose.

So, since I am sans a quilted blanket, I went ahead and bought some new minky we just got in and I've been dying for a reason to buy. With a quick snip and a stitch, I whipped up a brand new ultra snuggly blanket for the coming cold winter days.

Of course I laid it on the floor and waited for one of my favorite models to make it look much better...

If the fabric doesn't make you want it enough, then surely Khan can persuade anyone with his dashing suave.
It's so soft, so soft in fact I literally fell asleep while fawning over it today and almost missed work! I'm sure I looked attractive with bed head at work *cough*.

That's not the last blanket... I also have another one that's been in the making since last year, but could not decide what I wanted to accentuate it with. It's a Halloween printed fleece; jack 'o lanterns and candy corn on a black background. The way they look reminds me of vintage Halloween-esque... so it couldn't go with just anything.
At work we got a series of Halloween cottons called Jeepers Creepers that has exactly what I've been looking for, for this blanket.

It feels right. The fleece is starting to look a little dingy because regardless of being unfinished for so long, I still used it as a blanket for when I''m lounging on the couch.

I'm going to bind the entire blanket in the polka dot and create a border for the center panel in the pumpkins... all to hide edges.

I really love vintage Halloween memorabilia. It's the best thing since chocolate and candy corn martinis (thanks to Franny!).

As for my knitting... I've been doing it when I don't feel like sewing or gaming. I've made a trade with one good friend that I am really excited about. She is going to crochet me a death star pillow for my hubs, and in return I shall knit her a 13ft Dr. Who scarf.
If you were to ask me which Doctor's scarf it is, I'd simply shrug at you... I don't know anything about the lore, just that it exists and requires these colors, ahaha!

Who's the Who down in Whoville?
And once again, this isn't the only project I have been up to, but I can't divulge the slightest clues since they're gifts for the family (who read my blog likely to try and nab hints at what I am making them... =P).

I feel like a craftosaurus these days...


  1. You will never get cold this fall/winter with the amount of cozy blankets you produce! And they look realy cute, I can't wait to see the first one quilted....

  2. I love your quilt (top) and your kitties are so funny :)
    It must be hard not bringing home the whole store where you work!

  3. My cats are the same and MUST immediately lay on any quilt I am attempting to photograph. I now tell people it is a feature, and the quilt has gone through a rigorous cat-approval process for quality assurance purposes.

    My girls also live minky, and the Siamese kneads on it like she's a kitten again. :)

  4. I have the same issue with my cats! Those are some really nice quilts you are making

  5. I LOVE the colours on that first one! Will you quilt it by hand or on a machine?

  6. The combination of quilt fabrics is great! All the colours and patterns goes so well together. The blankets are also lovely, especially with a cat on ;-)

  7. Very nice job on the quilt top and blankets! I can see that your cats definitely approve of them as well, very cute!

  8. Kitty approved blankets, huh? I think it's gorgeous. Definitely post the progress of the Halloween blanket


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