Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spooky Basket: Last Year Purchases In Review.

It was cold and rainy today, and I'm definitely not in my best mood... for many, many very important reasons.

I can't really blame my mood on the winter blues, because even as nice as the previous days have been (70-80 Fahrenheit), I have been struggling with this achy heart feeling. It's not the Valentine blues either.
For as much as I deeply need to vent these feelings, and as much as the following might trivialize these emotions I'm feeling... I'm hoping that at least doing this post will distract me some more-- like the other posts since the news have done. I'm sure people are quite perplexed by my chirpy posts despite my family's situation, but I assure you... it's an attempt to create a positive dome for my little spot in the cyber world.

So now that I have confronted that elephant in the room, you can now hopefully understand my position; I'll give a personal update at a later time, when I'm not feeling quite so emotional when I talk about my personal matters.

As the days continue to warm up, my habit of staying locked in my sewing room grow ever stronger. I noticed I haven't been offering much variety in my posts-- sticking to my crafts and idle musings. I haven't even done a Skeleton Closet outfit post since July of last year... probably indicative of the fact that I have little regard for the way my body is shaping up for my 27th birthday in June... I admit, I don't feel all that pretty, more so as of late, and its taken a lot of effort to post the few photos of myself that I have... but that doesn't mean I haven't been purchasing pretty things, heh.

The first items to be mentioned are ones I haven't had a chance to take a photo in, and they are my Purple/black Skeleton Kreepsville dress, and another under bust bodysuit girdle (walmart) with which to wear this clingy dress, and many others like it.

At the same time I was purchasing the two above, which was my first experience with Sourpuss Clothing I might add, I also bought the purple Spooksville bat dress.

I am not crazy about the quality of either dresses, but I can't complain much since: a.) I bought them on sale, and b.) it was gift cards I was spending with. I don't think the straps suit the style of the dress so I am going to turn them into proper straps. I love the color, it's one of my favorite shades of purple, and you can't go wrong with bats either.

I also bought some really neat purple dichroic glass studs from the local art gallery, and got myself a new pair of glasses. They don't wow me like my last pair, but they're comfy and give me a wider range of peripherals. The Kreepsville skull necklace was a Valentines gift.

Going back to Sept, I bought my first pair of doc martens in.... lilac-- a now out of production (?) colorway. I know pastels make most people in the goth community puke... and to those I say smile, it prevents the gag reflexes better than a frown. I had to buy them from a seller on Storenvy, because by the time I found out I wanted them the main Doc Martens website stopped selling them... and that seller just so happened to have a pair in my size. It was material destiny. They hailed from the UK so it took a month to see them.

Rewinding another month, I had ordered a second pair of creepers. Of course being how I am, I needed something you can't find easily on our continent...

My first pair still reside back home in Canada with my momma-- a red and black skull pair with a coffin compartment in the heel; some of you might remember those. I found them in the thrift store for $3! But that is neither here nor there... these pair did cost me a pretty penny. I bought them from Lucky Moon Store on Alixpress. It took its sweet time getting to me, but the seller is very communicative. The quality of the shoe is also pretty top notch-- I was surprised, because they were coming from China... a lesson in giving trust, even in Chinese products which have a notorious reputation.

In June you might remember my post about my still favorite dress purchase.

It's comfy, the print is still very much intact. It's a staple piece to my wardrobe-- everything looks good with it.

I saved the best for last...

Although technically I finished paying for it, and received it this new year... I collaborated and made my down payment last year. It was probably early to mid October? I can't honestly remember when it began...

It's a sewing and vintage Hallowe'en sewing box! I commissioned it from a friend I first me on Deviant Art (a different time and different pseudonym in my life, a story for another post). She owns and runs Myrcury's Toy Box. We have kept in contact through Facebook after the "great meltdown".

I am still extremely fond of her work, and despite my failed promises she still manages to greet me warmly whenever I extol her work, heh. I finally worked up my courage to ask her create for me a totally unique to me item. I gave her my size requirements, and sent her examples of the kind of vintage hallowe'en art I love so much. What I got is without a doubt the most jaw dropping example of why you should always support your local artists. I never question the cost of handmade, because I know the kind of love and hard work that goes into it... and the fact that this was made just for me makes it a very dear to my heart addition to my spooky creative laboratory.

During my unboxing I discovered she sent along a couple very wonderful gifts! I can't say there weren't a few tears when opening this package of mine...

It's going to be hard trumping this purchase... probably the only thing that might, is yet another order from her.

To wrap up this post... here is something some of you have been requesting: my favorite Hallowe'en fabric purchases of 2014:

Maude Ashbury "Spooktacular 2014" collection

Alexander Henry "Midnight Muertos" Collection
Joann's Seasonal fare
The rest from here on are random things I bought from the shop I work at.

"Fabric Fiesta" collection for RJR Fabrics

Top:  "Happy Haunting" collection for Avlyn Fabrics. Glows in the dark.
Bottom: "Black Magic" collection for Henry Glass

This by no means reflects all of my purchases, but my very favorite of them. Can you tell I'm a shopaholic?...


  1. The purple Spooksville bat dress looks lovely but I have often heard that the fabric quality is bad and it has to be ironed every 5 seconds. As I hate ironing, I refrained from buying Sourpuss... And the fabrics you bought make me want to raid your stash... So cute!

  2. Everything made my eyes pop out of my skull!! We have very similar taste. I love that necklace, and your shoes! And there's nothing wrong with a splash of colour in the goth wardrobe. I bought all of my Sourpuss dresses on sale, but I haven't bought anything from them in a long while. It's disappointing to hear their quality hasn't improved much. I guess I'll stick to sewing my own dresses.

    I hope you have more cheerful days ahead! Best wishes ~~

  3. Right, if there is ANYTHING in this post you don't use, if only half a yard of fabric, I wan't to make another trade! The dress is amazing, the fabrics are gorgeous! I would love a square or two of that sugar skull fabric, it would go great with my new carpet.

  4. Cries over the gorgeous fabric!

    I love the purple bat dress too, I have been tempted many times! Although I think the purple is the hardest colour to find, probably because it looks best! I love all the purple shoes, too! So jealous!

  5. Good grief, I'm losing it. I was sure I'd already commented on this post. :P

    THAT is an amazing sewing box. And of all your fabrics, I think I like the sugar skull ones best. How nice they have panels so you can make a quick pillow without even having to think about it! Although those little pumpkins with crowns are pretty adorable too. :)

  6. It's great that you still craft during hard times. It makes you happy and you should continue :-)
    Gosh, purple in the exact tone I love but never find. You look amazing in this dress! The sewing box is totally gorgeous.

  7. *faaaaaaaaaaaabriiiiiiiiiiiiiiics* that dress looks stunning on you!

  8. Your fabric stash is amazing! We have very similar tastes For sure. I have the sugar skull fabric also. It is so pretty. I am planning on making a sundress from it in the spring. So much to make and little time!

    And I love the purple sundress on you. I would change the straps also. Halter tops always give me a headache. Ugh.


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