Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Sithfully Sewn

What would life be without our men.
It is with that in mind (and father's day around the bend) that I decided to show my man how much I appreciate him.

Not to say I don't always, with affection and all that gushy mushy stuff... but I don't always get around to making the things I plan to make him. That list in itself, is probably as long as my typical sewing queue.

This week is different, though. This week I was craving to explore a new(ish) territory-- I wanted to make him a functioning casual outfit. Not unlike the things I have made in the past, like his house shorts and bleach art shirts (which I have made plenty of variations since); these things are of a more... home bodied nature.

I went pattern browsing, in my usual way... only this time I was searching for men's patterns. Let me say this: there isn't a whole lot to pick from-- we women have it easy in the subject of sewing pattern pickin's.
What I ended up deciding I would make are the McCall's patterns 6973 and 2149. Pretty basic, as far as silhouettes go, but very "buildable". I chose view C from 2149, and view F from 6973.

My conclusion after this hearty endeavor is this: my man is incredibly difficult to sew for.
Not in the technical aspects, no... that part took all of maybe two days, which is probably a gross overestimation-- it was incredibly easy, I enthusiastically encourage all to get these patterns if you're hankering to sew something for your S.O. It was getting him to shop for the fabric with me, get him to stand still during fittings, and really just getting him to do the fittings at all; that was the hardest part, that part took dang near a week.

The things we do for love.

There's still some issues that I haven't bothered yet to resolve though they're very minor. The more important ones I've carried out-- they were caused by his short stature. I decreased wherever it was possible to do so; sleeves, bodice, legs.

The fabric was a happy accident, in more than one way.
I was wracking my brain as to which fabric I would use, something that would really accentuate his quirky and geeky personality.
While taking my pass by the Walmart's fabric section (like I always do when going grocery shopping), I saw a bolt of this most perfect Darth Vader print staring right at me-- at $4.95 per yard, it was a done deal. I got my cuts and went along my way. When we arrived home we recounted our receipt and noticed something peculiar... I was only charged for one yard of fabric, and I had gotten three. I probably should've gone back and disputed it but just this once I'd like to believe that karma smiled on me that day... so I kept it. I know tip for tap is wrong, and not the way karma actually works, but that very same visit, I dashed out to the parking lot to let the two men ahead of me at the check out know that they had forgotten a few sacks of their groceries.

Excuse the long tangent, but it was a nice and seemingly perfect accident. Anyway, I digress.
The lesser issues are the point at which the shoulders lie-- way off mark-- and the depth at which the buttons were placed. Perhaps the buttons aren't even an issue, particularly because they give him a little more coverage around his waist... but those shoulders are a blight to my seamstress-y ways. Definitely going to go into more detailing in the subsequent shirts. I'm also going to note, that the breast pocket needs interfacing; I hoped that the fact it was a kona cotton, that the natural body of it would suffice, but looking and looking at it, I'm not all that pleased with the finish of it.... maybe it's the square shape of it... I can't put my finger on it, to tell you all the truth...

The fabric really made the shirt-- the extra touches I added were not that significant. I contrasted the facing, so that the contrasting collar and pocket didn't look so awkward, like they do on the pattern image. I topped it all off with cherry red top stitching-- worthy of the sith lord himself.

Finally, the shorts! Since I am not new to pants any longer, I didn't find the shorts at all challenging... that is, until I got to the front fly zipper. What can I say, I have never done one before. I reread that section over and over again, until I finally caved and consulted Youtube. After that the instructions did make a whole lot of sense, hehe. I felt a little silly in fact. That side pocket became a little bit of a problem, only because I had shortened the length so much it was right at the seam for the inside pockets. I still don't like the placement; them being so close to the cuff and all... but it was the most logical because my husband did not want it on the front nor the back.
The only design changes I've made with these are the snaps to the flap of the side pocket, and the addition of the cuffs along the hem.

Perhaps I'll create him an outfit for the premier of the new Star Wars...hmm...


  1. He's such a good sport to model for you! I'm trying to visualize mine doing that. Nope, can't see it. LOL

    It's a great outfit! And I think karma sorta does work that way. :)

    1. Took some convincing but I wore him down lol.
      Well however karma works, I still feel guilty about it.

  2. Aaaw, you did a great job on both pieces and I LOVE that fabric...! :)

    1. Thanks! It is pretty neat, for a star wars print, hehe

  3. I am thoroughly convinced that a standard pattern fits exactly NO ONE. Short, tall, fat, thin, average.... the human they draft those patterns around doesn't exist.

    1. Or if that person does exist... Might seem humanoid, but is really not of this planet. Altering is a pain in the butt, but I have grown so lazy with my sewing that I prefer patterns now to drafting it from scratch.

  4. The clothing looks though the garments are finished to a high standard.

  5. I love the striped shorts with black pocket and cuffs, and the red topstitching on the shirt. You are great at adding the little details that make a big impact. Nicely done!

  6. Great work, and I love that fabric. I know what you mean about the fittings. Mine is fine with doing fittings as long as he can do them while playing computer games :p The whole standing still while I measure AND pin AND take notes is just to much.

  7. How nice of you to sew soemthing non-selfish! Happens rarely for me... ;) And your Hubby looks smashing in it!

  8. Those shorts are awesome! It is so hard to find good clothing for men.


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