Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Scary Spooky Numbers.

I don't know how other sewists keep track of all the numbers we deal with, but I surely cannot. Even when they belong to me.
I can't ever seem to remember my own measurements, no matter how often I use them; numbers never had sticking power in my head, unlike interesting tidbits and catchy jingles...
It was with this in mind, and the fact I go through plenty of notepads losing the notes I make, I bopped around the internet in search of a good spooky template to use. In doing so I discovered a really cute blog that offered a printable template that exemplifies the awesomeness all over this blog; I speak of Tea and Craft. Her template is cute, really damn cute-- much like her!
However, as cute as the template was it didn't perfectly fit the need I was looking for; I needed it to be a little more basic and bold since my eyes play funky tricks with small text. So I took to the internet again, but not for another template. I wanted to build on her awesome idea and add more Halloween kitsch to it!

Click to be directed to google docs for printing
After visiting the Graphics Fairy, with nothing but Pixlr and Paint at my disposal...the result is a printable that has lines for all the basic measurements one has to remember for sewing patterns, and a little room for the real specific ones, just in case-- all large enough to hang and glance at quickly. With Tea and Crafts blessing, this template is available for you all to use at your leisure!
Go ahead, print and be merry knowing you won't have to remember all those bloody numbers!
Be very sure to visit and thank Tea and Crafts for inspiring us all.


  1. This is so amazing and clever! Thank you for making this!!!!

  2. Ha ha I never remember my measurements either, but I own so many tape measures! (Because I am always losing them)

    1. I splurged on one really nice measuring tape after being in a very similar situation lol. Knowing how much it cost compared to the cheapy ones keeps me from losing it!


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