Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Continuous Continuum.

Every new year, without fail, I am surprised by two things:
1.) That it's a new year
2.) I somehow survived the last one with my humor relatively intact.

Being of this mortal coil, I am not remiss in taking advantage, whether real or perceived, of beginning anew.
In a way, that is what keeps me going with Bat Fit. With Bat Fit, every year felt new instead of a perpetual cycle which I have placed myself in under 'tumble dry'; before Bat Fit it kind of felt like it. Granted, it's taken some refining to get my Bat Fit regime to suit my needs-- like a sock in a dryer, I kept losing pieces of myself making impulsive decisions and grandiose goals that affected my life more than I gave much thought to, but the Bat Fit community (of which I am ghost of sorts to) is a community that makes even the most ghostly of apparitions still feel connected.
Bat Fit is good, so when Franny announced the 2017 kick off  I was all too happy to climb aboard once more.

Y'know, she's right about resolutions. It's a rather finicky word that has a tendency to lead people into failure, and if anything were to be a perpetual cycle it should be good habits. Which is precisely what I will target this year.

Last year I managed to achieve most of the intentions I had set for myself in 2016, sans two or three: I didn't get a hair cut, I didn't continue learning to tat, and I didn't sew a waist training corset heh.
I didn't refer to these at all as resolutions, and perhaps that might have helped to keep my affirmations strong. Those goals were more than achievable and I feel better for having done them, and thanks to having completed them I have the confidence to continue: it's time for a little step up.
Albeit a baby step.

So, what to jot down as my 2017 intentions...
There isn't a lot I want to change from last year's, except add two or three things:

  • Participate in my chosen communities. Meaning, I shall endeavor to post more often again; write content big and small, relevant and irrelevant. Comment more on other's blogs, share more on instagram or FB groups. In other words, be sociable hehe.
  • Use my makeup. I have a pretty big makeup collection for someone who rarely wears it. I want to dress up for the sake of breaking up the amount of time I spend in pj's and messy hair, hah! Would help adding capricious content to my blog, heheh.
  • Tackle one large project. I have collaborated for large sewing projects to go in shows and other things, and of course I make a lot of stand alone pieces... but I haven't truly made, say for example, an evening ensemble from scratch all by myself. I have also wanted to illustrate my own tarot deck, heck maybe even just the major arcana, and I have never knit a sweater. I think it's about time one of these changed to said and done.

Good enough, eh?
I feel good about this list, hehe.


  1. Some great goal, it would be lovely to see more of your crafting and sewing projects. As, it serves as wonderful inspiration and stimulates my need to sew.

    I must admit, I spend more time in my pj,and just being gross.

    Wishing a fantastic New Year for 2017.

  2. I totally share your opinion about New Year resolutions: every year, I am far too demanding of myself and I tend to put so much pressure I end giving up. If I manage to hit down one of each five resolutions, I consider myself quite lucky. So this year, and for a change, I decided to go more humble and realistic about wishes (and keep trying with things I struggled last year instead of charging myself with even more obsessions).

    On the other hand, I think your resolutions are quite well measured. They seem realistic and managable, and reasonably easy to face. I wish you the best of the lucks with it, as well as the strength of will and the presence of mind I am sure you have got to hit your goals.

    Have a very happy 2017!

  3. Good luck, dear friend. And it's good to know that Bat Fit isn't just this thing that I launch every year that has no effect. It's good to know that it's meshed into a supportive and loving community. <3

  4. Oh, I'm totally with you on the make up stuff! I own a lot of it, but rarely use it - my work place is rather conservative and I am frankly too tired in the mornings. But what is keeping me from pretty-ing up on the weekends? I don't know!

    Good goals you set for yourself! I hope you can achieve all of them and keep us posted!

  5. I tried making an Invader Zim tarot deck but like most people I never made it past the preliminary designs for the major arcana. There's equally as much meaning to be had in the minor but they lack a kind of oomph to them lol. I've considered finishing it every now and then but don't have the time. What theme/style would you do for your deck?

  6. Good list! Illustrating a tarot deck would be fantastic. :D

  7. The tarot deck sounds exciting, as does the complete evening ensemble! I look forward to seeing the results. <3


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