Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: The Romantic Hobble-- Step 1: Materials Gathered

Today's post I will begin by saying this is the very first step of progress into one of my designs for a romantic goth hobble pencil skirt.

I had this design along with sooo many more in my books and head for quite a while, but only until now can I realize many of my designs (I lacked a very loving and giving husband-- lulz).
The Idea
He and I made an agreement that I may buy the materials once a month to complete one decadent design; the materials I require for these aren't cheap! And this way, I can give progress of one exquisite design every month... of course this doesn't count the other, less expensive, projects I do in between heheh!

To start I had to choose one of my designs and as said previously my romantic hobble was it. They may be hard to walk in, but dang they are sexy!
For this design you can vaguely see that the side panels will be ruched, and the front and back have some small but tasty details.

I bought a high quality stretch velvet, and enough of it to perhaps complete another project (woo!)
So soft... so elegant!

 Now there is something I am debating as to whether or not I want to have a button up closure, or an invisible zipper on the back;
Buttons vs. Zipper
the buttons are covered with velvet, and match the initial material. Though there is a high likelihood that I will just use the buttons on another project instead.

For the trims and things, I chose a floral pattern venetian lace, and an raschel ruffle lace.

Stay tuned for the next progress report!

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  1. It looks like it will be a lovely skirt! The lace is so pretty ^_^

    1. Thank you!
      I'm tempted to sew it and get it over with quickly so I can wear it, but this project has to last me till next month so I need to spread the focus between this and other projects lol


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