Thursday, July 26, 2012

Skeleton Closet: The Lace Over Top

I always seem to have this issue of not feeling like I look goth during the summer months despite wearing black all over. So as often as I want to, I'll be posting up my outfits for the public to decide whether it's just black clothes or gothic summer time flair.

Today on my segment of hot weather goth I chose to base the focus of my outfit completely on a top.
A lace over top to be exact.

When I got my first and only job (hopefully not last) last year, I got into a veritable shopping craze. I had spare money that me, I earned-- and up until then I didn't think I would ever utter those words (I'm such a pampered little bat). This over top, along with the tank top underneath, AND the clothes in my last post, among much more are all wonderful spoils during my ransacking torrent.

These articles are all brand new however, and were bought at another store in the same mall I worked called Latitude. To be honest, I clipped the tags and by now completely forgot the company who made them. The only thing I can really recall is it being made in Italy.

So, in this outfit I have the lace top over top of a tank top in which the trim is peaking out from the bust line. The skirt is a plain black jersey skirt. For the shoes I wore a pair of ComfortSmart sandals, which I got in the kids section of Walmart (my feet are small... hush!). I probably should've made up my toes, but this is me and how I dress, and painted toes are something I very very seldom do. Why? Too lazy I suppose after attempting to work with my hair and doing make-up.

Accessories include: a rosary I partially made, and a black flower headband I procured at a dollar store. Make up was done with deeper tones, using #58 Black shadow by Annabelle, clockwork orange inspired eye liner; Black Out by Annabelle and lips are Red Carpet Glam 73579 everlasting lipstick by Lise Watier.

And just for the hell of it, some over-filtered-glam shots!

So... goth or not?


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