Thursday, July 26, 2012

Freakshow Films: Cannabalistic & Beautiful.

I love movies. I especially love movies that are twisted, bizarre... and foreign. Every so often I find a gem that I must simply buy and put in the prized section of my movie library-- and when I do, I always want to share it!

Today on my first movie post, I bequeath my two latest treasures:

First up is my favorite of the two, starring one of my favorite French actors Dominique Pinon-- Delicatessen.

Written & directed by Marc Caro (known for The City of Lost Children) and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (known for Amelie)... movies which are also part of my illustrious cinematic gem collection.

It's a story about a ex-circus performer looking for work in a post-apocalyptic world where food is scarce and people have turned to cannibalism. He finds work as a maintenance man at a complex where the owner of the building, a heartless tyrant, is also the owner and butcher at the meat shop "Delicatessen".
The owner is renowned in the complex for acquiring the "meat" for the shop from his drifter employees, and unfairly charges the residents grain and valuables for it. A love story between the main character and the owner's daughter unfolds amidst funny and bizarre scenarios among the residents.

As to be expected of these two awesome directors, it was beautifully shot. It has no pointless gore fillers, but it's chock full of black comedy.

Next on the chopping block: Dumplings starring Pauline Lau and Bai Ling, directed by Fruit Chan and written by Lillian Lee.

This equally bizarre movie follows the story of a washed up actress who is losing her husband to a younger woman, and in this story will do literally anything to fight the consequences of time to win him back. And so her desperate search to turn back the clock leads her to Aunt Mei, a 50-something year old woman who appears to be in her 30's-- which she claims is the result of the special "ingredient" in her homemade dumplings.

I find that this movie lacked a bit in acting, but it totally made up for it by the way it was shot. And unlike Delicatessen, there are parts (many in fact) that aren't for the soft of heart; Aunt Mei procures her "ingredient" in the pediatric ward of a hospital, and there are no parts intentionally shot to instill laughter (but if you're truly twisted, then you'll find a way, anyway).

(I couldn't find a good one Youtube)

Happy movie night!


  1. I love Delicatessen but I've not see Dumplings. I'll definitely look for it now :-)

    1. I had a lot of fun watching Delicatessen-- it's so cute and weird, hehe.

      When you do get around to watching Dumplings, you should let me know what you think!


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