Monday, November 5, 2012

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Blue Minds Need Busy Hands

In a last ditch effort to rid myself of the post Halloween blues, I decided I better get crafting!

A couple weeks ago I began a sew along with a friend choosing to do a most coveted pattern Simplicity had to offer, but had put off posting pictures until today:

I was going straight for the coat. However, I really wasn't feeling it as much as I wanted... hence the tissue paper; I was going to redraft/ redesign it a little differently; adding a hood and making the sleeves belled.

This is the mock up (in hideous mock fabric)

Craft rooms are always messy; this is fact.
I had procrastinated working on it and had been inspired the little chilly air we're receiving using it to produce some wintery items, and didn't notice that in my arrogance I thought maybe I had enough velvet to complete the coat... but no, in shame I hang my head... I clearly underestimated how much was needed!
As a note, if you're going to make this in stretch velvet there are two things you should consider: the pile (the direction of the velvet) and the bias (the way it stretches-- 4 way it doesn't matter a whole ton). In cases such as these I prefer to cut my pieces on single layer, lest either of those factors go awry-- either way, what this means is that you'll need to buy more fabric than what is initially suggested, and whether you like it or not, there will probably be a lot more scraps then what you're used to. I was off by about 2 yards... not sure how I calculated such a gross error-- maybe my mind was tired at the time...

I've been feeling blue, and Halloween and other such gaiety helped marginally; coupled with a savage streak of insomnia, I've not been at my best... though I try to keep that smile beaming.

The other projects of wintery inspiration were that of knitted goods.
My mother sent me my looms bought months ago and never used, and I figured it was as good a time as any to try.

First up was my french knitter:

It seems like such an easy concept to grab, but the night I was using it I was getting mighty frustrated that I wasn't achieving the result I wanted... so I tore out the project in anger, only to discover a happy accident.
In tearing out the little tube I had unwittingly created a nifty necklace. The stretched loops with single beads made for a delicate web-like adornment for myself. Oh and as a bonus you get to have a looksie at those vintage frames I've been waiting for:


Next I decided to see how quickly and how much of a change from needle to loom knitting would do to a final project.

Left is loom knit: right is needle knit
It is exponentially quicker to knit on a loom than it is needle knit; both of the scarves shown are 6'2". I'd like to point out that I am not very prolific when it comes to knitting, so the needle knit scarf took me about a week to complete; working on it once a day in 2-3 hour increments. The way I loom knit was using the common twisted stockinette, yielding an interesting and bulky criss-cross look; it took me 2 days in the same hourly increments.

However, I would still probably use needles because I much prefer the exercise in the use of both hands working, unless I find a comfortable way to work with one peg side of the looms; which I hear can create the same look of said needle knitted stockinette stitching.


  1. 1. That mock fabric IS pretty ghastly - sorry!
    2. Craft rooms ARE always messy - u r correct!
    3. Love your new frames!


    1. No need to be sorry! It IS horrid, but it was the same stretch as my velvet... relatively the same weight; that part is a lot of guess work, but I know what to expect of the drape.

      Thanks! I adore my new glasses =D

  2. I can't wait to see how your coat turns out- I've thought about buying that pattern before but never got around to it. Not having enough fabric is such a pain though, I hate when that happens :(

    Your scarves look great! They look very warm and I like the color combination.

    1. It would've been a perfect time to buy it; Joann's had a 99 cent sale on all costume patterns. I couldn't find a single pack of one of those steampunk designs; I did manage to grab this and the bustle one... not that I needed to, I make bustles from my own drafts, hehe.

  3. I actually like the mock up fabric, I'd totally wear that!

    The different looks of the two scarves is interesting. The thicker one actually has a bit of a rustic look that would really work with the right outfit!

    I can't wait til the end of term. My sewing projects shall begin! Keep your fingers crossed for me not stuffing up!!!

    1. Heh! I'm not fond of a color as a main, rather than accent... to each their own!

      I can't wait to see what you post in the way of sewing! I love crafty people =)

  4. I love the scarves, they're so amazing and comfy looking...grrr I've been meaning to learn how to knit but I'm impatient and tend to make things more complicated then they really are! ahh someday I'll figure it out.

    1. I felt the very same way before I began knitting; I think what made it daunting, for me, was casting on. Once I figured that out it was easy to become addicted.

  5. You are definitely very talented in sewing and knitting! I can't wait to see how that jacket turns out when you finish it!

    1. Thank you, darling =)
      Sadly it may be a while till that jacket is done; we're in frugal mode and the remaining fabric is an extra expense =(


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