Monday, November 12, 2012

Skeleton Closet: Down to the Bone

A couple nights ago we had our first snowfall for the year.
It left me feeling awful nostalgic about the weather back North; remembering how the chill blew through my layers and how it reminded me that my veins flow with warm blood despite what others have insinuated about my essence.

True, the warmth is often impeded by an icy cluster of sharp peaks and a chilled demure, but where my actions lack comfort, the seemingly unabated beating of my heart cradles the core of me; bright with silent optimisms.

I remind myself often that others should be so lucky to have my life; to have a predictable relationship; to know that debt can be handled with no sacrifices to essentials such as food or shelter-- this simple acknowledgement inevitably coerces me into each day.
And yet, its become exponentially difficult to cope with the painful erosion of my quintessence due largely in part by apathy; like watching the mercurial ooze of lava down a mountainside; beautiful but profoundly destructive.

They say a quick remedy to such melancholia is to doll up, and that's exactly what I did today for no other reason than to abate my stubborn gloom.

What I am wearing:
  • Glow in the dark ribcage t-shirt: Wal-mart
  • Suit jacket: Thrifted
  • Skirt: Thrifted
  • Opaque tights
  • Boots: K-mart
  • New prescription sunglasses
  • Bandana: Walmart
  • Scarf: Self-made


  1. I feel a bit down, too, ground down by assignments, which make it hard to appreciate life. My last one is due today, I really hope I get it done, then I can just relax! Then I can do things I enjoy like reading, and I can learn to sew costumes, and just in general get to enjoy life!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I've been down too for a while. I've been feeling pretty uninspired, and it sucks. I have a good life as well, and I remind myself that all the time, but that doesn't mean what we feel is any less valid.

    1. It's tough to justify, certainly, when your life has all the essentials accounted for... I feel like I'm missing something important to my inner growth, and it's got me gloomy and grumpy.
      Y'know honestly, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but it's nice to be able to relate to someone on this sort of level.

      At least I can look forward to moving forward; hopefully sooner than later!

  3. Definitly loving the hairstyle! I agree, when feeling down, dress up!


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