Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Purple Pants Revamp

I love to revamp clothing almost as much as I love creating them from scratch. It's a fun little thing to do when I don't feel like drafting patterns and feel like having something new to me.

During my trip down to Phoenix, my boi and I stumbled upon a shop that was having a blowout sale of their summer clothing, and there in the window hung purple pants. We bought them, and I seriously debated keeping them just purple... but the urge for a good pair of stripe pants inevitably won. I've seen numerous tutorials, and suggestions on how to achieve these; so it won't be hard to google your favorite technique if you tried this yourself.

 In my zeal I purchased a bottle of fabric spray paint, not realizing that I picked up Stencil Spray over Simple Spray. If you've ever used either product you'll know the difference; if you've never used either; Stencil Spray goes on rather thick and stays rather patent even after a wash or two; Simple Spray conforms the softness of the material and is relatively matte; it is essentially a dye, but in spray form... pretty handy, albeit a bit spendy. I had coupons from Joann's, though.

Despite ending up with a stiff pair of pants, I still enjoy the shiny results; they add more character to a staple (trite?) idea.
I hope with a bit of time and lots of wear, they will soften up some; they may fade and that's fine; it might even look better when they're slightly distressed.


  1. Oh they're gorgeous! I've been so desperate to find the perfect striped jeans but every purpose-made pair just doesn't fit me properly, so I'll have to get off my lazy backside and make the effort for this with ones that do fit, thanks for the inspiration! xx

    1. Not only fit, but you feel a sense of pride when you fix something up nicely yourself!

  2. Replies
    1. Heh!
      They really would be rockstar pants if I studded them... come to think of it, I should!

  3. I thought about doing the exact same thing with my pair of purple jeans! I don't really wear them, and I wanted to do something interesting with them. Great minds thing alike, I guess. ;) Thanks for posting this. Now I know to use simple spray. :)

    1. They do indeed ;)
      I recommend buying at least 2 bottles; I ran out of the first bottle half way through completion, which I forgot to mention; it was then I realized that I purchased stencil spray, but since one side was already done in that, I figured it's too late to switch for the back side lol.

  4. These are fantastic!
    I've always wanted a pair of striped pants. Or tights. Or both!


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