Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Sewing Machine Cover

This is dedicated to seamsters who have, or ever has had a kitten.
Cute... cuddly... destructive, kittens.

Sweet and nice; always posing as you audibly gush.
Until you pan your eyes over and discover why they're buttering you up...

Suddenly you're not amused.

Yep. Poe has discovered how to jump, and has acquainted himself with my serger's plethora of provocative threads. This is just the beginning; I can see it now, rethreading my serger every morning... the horror... the horror!

Before he was able to jump, he would continually gnaw on all the cords; being tech lovers, we have plenty of those in every nook and cranny of our home. Our neighbor suggested threading the cords through toilet and paper towel rolls to prevent him from doing it. Its worked perfectly!

Now it was my sewing machines turn to meet the wrath of Poe. To combat the forthcoming battle of the threads, I decided to make all new covers for my machines, though instead of using the plastic cover that came with only one of my sewing machines, I decided I'd tweak it and make a pattern from it to create matching covers for both machines. Since I have enough halloween fabric to go around a few projects, I decided I'd use it exclusively for the new motif of my craft room: Halloween kitsch!

While helping out with Community Club stuff, I was given tiny jack 'o lantern candy buckets; no bigger than a tangerine. I figured they'd make great pin pots near my machines; with Halloween stickers on their way from my stash back in Canada, I wanted to stick them all over my machines.

Stuff them with scrap felt (as shown) or just keep them hollow (like I will probably do)
Those two notions (zing!... a seamster would get it...) coupled with having that fabric laying around sparked together and created that wonderful idea!

Though it was aptly countered by Victorian Funeral Parlour....
Still, if (or when, I should say) the latter idea eventually becomes realized, someone will become the lucky owner of this one of a kind collection.
Ok ok... so I changed my mind about using the candy corn fabric on the cover... but you'll see where it'll fit in soon!

I wanted the applique skull to have a subtle detail, so I used the fabric-- it was going all fine and dandy until my machine decided in the middle of it that it didn't like the thickness of the heat-n-bond I was using and it jumped on the top left of the head.

All's well that ends well, it's a little ugly if you know where to look... but it does the trick!


  1. I hate to say I'm still using a plastic cover on my industrial machine. Looks like it might be time to remedy that - yours is inspirational!! :D

    1. It is very easy to overlook the little things... but once you change them, my how profound the effect!

  2. This is so beautiful. I too am inspired. Although I have to keep my sewing machine in the box and only get it out when I use it at the moment, so it may be a project that waits until I get my own place.

    1. Thank you =)
      You can paint the box and slap on some stickers! Maybe hot glue some lace trims and such.

  3. That is the most darling cover I've ever seen in my life!!

  4. Lovely! Cats are very problematic, aren't they?

    1. Yes, especially when it comes to a bunch of threads just begging them to be play with, hehe


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