Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: A Little Black Flower Tutorial

Since Valentines is just tomorrow, and many of you lovelies are planning to make themselves up pretty; I thought that I would give you the option of making your own pretty little black flowers. Although, if you aren't into black, then by all means use a different color fabric! You can put them anywhere-- sew or glue them onto headbands, clips, bags... whatever!

You'll need:

  • A piece of scrap cloth
  • Sewing implements: either your sewing machine, or hand sewing needle and thread
  • Any miscellaneous items you plan on putting it on: a head band, a clip... etc.
To begin:

Cut your scrap cloth into strips.

I only cut one layer for this tutorial, but you may layer it with other fabrics like tulle, or lace. Cut the width of strip as tall as you'd like the petals to be. The length dictates the volume of the blossom; the longer it is, the bigger the flower will be; the shorter, the smaller it will be.

Next, cut a scalloped edge. These will be your petals.

You may make them as spaced apart or as frequent as you'd like. Doing this also affects the volume of your flower; more petals, more bloom! Don't throw away that scrap that comes from it just yet...
You can incorporate it as a layer into your flower as well, just to limit the amount of waste.

Pin your layers together, and sew using a wide stitch. 

Don't tie off the last stitch, this is crucial for the next step.

Next you're going to begin scrunching.

Make sure that the bottom edge stays in one direction. If you face it up, you will have a center to your flower, but for this example the edge will be facing down.

Now, you'll sew the bottom together.

Slip stitch the opposite ended petals together so there isn't a gap. You may do this on your sewing machine, but it's more effort than simply doing it by hand. Keeping sewing into the base till it feels snug.

And now you're done, and ready to apply to whatever!

Two small flowers beside a larger one.
If you know what this is, well I'm sorry-- this is going to a special client and friend. Perhaps in the future I will be inclined to make yet another one. If you don't know what it is I'm working on, well... have a looksie here and here.

Happy crafting, my Valentines!


  1. I love this tutorial - thanks for posting! I might try this with old band t-shirts - would make interesting hair clips! ;)

    1. That would be quite interesting!
      I'm glad I could give you some inspiration, however little the project is!

  2. This a great tutorial, very pretty flower!

  3. Replies
    1. Good to hear =)
      I hope that it's brought a trickle of inspiration for you

  4. What a great little tutorial. I made a hair flower the other day out of a few scraps! Yours is nicer though, the way you did the scallops looks great!

    1. Thank you =)
      Scrap flowers always look beautiful-- I striving for that with this, but the petals didn't feel like fraying much hehe.

  5. Great tutorial! I might even be able to do this one without screwing it up massively!

    1. Heh, I am glad I could offer something easy!
      The nice thing about it is that even if it frays a lot, it'll still look really good =D


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